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daneel05 May 19, 2005 8:31 PM

Hi, this is my first message, and unfortunately relating a problem with my C2100 UZ camera.
The problem is that it's been a while (some months) since I used the camera for the last time. Now I wanted to take some pictures, so I charge the batteries (the olympus batteries that came with the camera - BTW the batteries were out of the camera while not used all this time) and after a couple of seconds of turning it on, the camera turns off, then tries to turn on again (makes click noise), and then the cicle repeats.
I checked the batteries and they are all charged. I even recall the last times I used the camera, that when I moved the camera to some "strange" position it turned off. So I presume this is a problem with some of the contacts in the camera? I should have tried with 4 other batteries, but I don't have any at hand, so I'll try this tomorrow.

But anybody has any idea? Is this a know problem with olympus? Is this something serious?

Any tip is much appreciated.

Pullelur May 20, 2005 6:47 AM

Since yesterday I have a similar problem with my C-5050. When I turn it on the lens extends, then the camera "automatically" turns off retracting the lens, turns on extendning the lens etc etc etc. I have tied to smack it witha hammer (a procedure I use with all glitches of life) but to no avail.

I did not think of the battery contactsbeingthe cause, although I changed batteries, but maybe I should give that a try with my hammer?(Any other suggestions are, however, very welcome.) Is this a well-known problem with Olympus cameras?

All the best, Pullelur

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