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Gardenwife Sep 13, 2002 11:38 PM

Problem w/ C-2100uz camera noises when recording
Do you have problems with the microphone picking up every little whir and click of the lens when you record a movie? I've tried plugging a computer mic into the camera's microphone jack, but then I not only get the aforementioned noise, but electronic interference, too.

I didn't buy the camera to make movies, but all the same, I'd like to know if this is normal. I don't want to send it in for service, particularly, because then I'd be completely cameraless -- I'd die, LOL!

sdromel Sep 14, 2002 6:22 PM

See Subject "What Microphone Works with C-2100" in this forum.

The internal mic picking up camera motor noise is normal. You can minimize it by not zooming during movie recording.

The story behind the AIWA is related to DPREVIEW where someone just happened to try an AIWA Mic from a cassette recorder & it worked fabulous. I mentioned this at work the next day & a friend said he was cleaning out his garage & he had what sounded like the same thing. So he gave it to me & it does work fabulously.

To avoid recording the camera noise, you will have to use an external mic. A hyperlink in the forum above gets you to AMAZON which has the OLY ME-13D for $19.99 The issue with it, according to the DPREVIEW forum thread, is that the sound with this mic supposedly is muddy (ie, somewhat muffled).

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