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Default A question about connecting a C4000Z to WINXP

I have an Olympus C4000Z digital camera which I connect to my USB port.
Everything I have read indicates that XP supports this device without any
additional drivers; in fact, Olympus offers no such drivers.
However, when I hook up the camera, the "Found New Hardware Wizard" screen
comes up with "Cannot Install this Hardware....etc" "An error
and then: "The specified service does not exist as an installed service."
Of course, my first question is, what service are they talking about?

Anyway, I click finish, and the interesting part begins. The camera appears
in "My Computer" and in Device Manager as a removable drive, assigned a
drive letter and as far as I can tell it is fully functional. Sometimes
there is a yellow "Bang!" symbol next to the listing in Disk Drives in
Device Manager, which of course tells me that the device drivers were not
installed for this item.

Problems like this annoy me, even though it is only kind of a half problem.
I would like to see that stinking error message go away and lose the "Bang!"

I think the key is the: "The specified service does not exist as an
installed service." line. I wonder what service the camera is looking for. I
have disabled quite a few, none of which should effect the camera according
to their descriptions, but I might be missing something.

I have: 1) plugged it directly into a
USB port; no hubs.
2) Uninstalled
the device and let WINXP find it during its next boot up.
3) Looked on
the Olympus web site - of course, there are no drivers since the camera
should work in WINXP without any other drivers.

Dave Ferguson
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