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JohnC Aug 7, 2003 4:36 PM

Question about "torture testing" oly C-2100UZ came
Hey all

I am ready to get a UZI, but am concerned about some of the issues I keep seeing pop up -- especially since the only ones available are NOS, Used, or Reman.

I have seen references to running the Camedia 2100 UZ cameras through some basic tests when you first buy one to make sure they are not DOA or *almost* dead.

Does anyone here have suggestions about tests you have run/would run or links that contain similar recommendations if you got one of these cameras to make sure it was not bad.... like.....

Basic Shakedown
Thermal issues (SDS)
Dead pixels
Camera working right
etc etc.

If you can, please recommend a good retailer to get said camera from. I have heard horror stories aplenty about buying cameras online.



lg Aug 8, 2003 8:33 AM

John, just put it through the paces like you would on a day where you are taking lots of pictures in a short period of time. Fill up a 64 or 128MB card with pics in a short period of times, going through at least one set of batteries.

When the camera is good and hot (not physically), that's the time to do a pixel test. I don't have time to detail it, but there are many references on how to do it on the forum. Hot pixels show up as colored dots on a picture taken with the lens cap on with no light on the CCD. Dead pixels will show up as black on an image of a white card, and stuck pixels show up the same no matter what picture is taken. Unless you will be doing a lot of low-light work or long exposure pics, I wouldn't worry about hot pixels that appear only on exposures of 0.5 seconds and greater.

As far as SDS is concerned, if the camera works when you get it, it doesn't have it! To keep this from happening, just change the batteries when the camera gives you the low battery warning. Don't wait until the camera shuts off because of lack of power.

A good bit of common sense will go a long way in making your evaluation. I'd recommend getting a class "A" refurb (comes with all the items in the original retail box) with a 90 day warranty if you have reservations.

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