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Default Questions - considering c700

Okay, I'm on a budget and am looking at getting a c700, mostly for it's zoom and manual features. I just have a few questions (clarifications) that would affect it's usability.

1. Durability - I almost always carry my camera in a pocket of my numerous pairs of cargo pants. Is this camera durable enough that it could handle not living it's life in a cushy case? I don't mean ww3 but my old one did bang a desk now and then. Also with this, my old one (a Fuji 1300) had a very poor seal and pocket lint creeped into it. I had to dismantle it to clean the inside of the lens. Will that happen again? I wouldn't feel so easy taking apart a c700 lol...

2. Zooooom - I've been warned numerous times about camera shake at full zoom. It has variable ISO settings and shutter speeds. How fast could I set the shutter in daylight? What should I set the ISO to? How about indoor lighting? What I'm getting at is how well could the manual settings help me reduce blurring at full zoom with no flash? I won't be taking high-quality shots from 100 feet away (usually) so ISO 400 or maybe 800 use would be acceptable if needed.

3. Lag - Assuming I put it in standby (half-shutter) first, how much shutter lag is there? I read 0.2 seconds somewhere, does that seem right? More importantly it was mentioned that the camera writes to the card in the background from a temporary buffer. Do I need to be in continuous mode to do this? Would I be able to release the shutter button, then a half-second later take another shot while the camera is still writing the last image? Or does it work like the Fuji did, lags as soon as I let off the shutter button and doesn't take more pictures, even if there's enough room in the buffer?

4. AEL button - Kinda goes with the last question, the AEL button locks exposure, is there a way to make it lock focus too? Without putting it into manual focus that is... If I enable the fulltime autofocus in the menu does that mean no prefocusing is needed and pressing the shutter button will have the same minimal delay as if I had it in standby?

Yes, this was a long list of junk I was curious about after reading numerous (10+) published reviews and numerous (100+) user reviews on the camera. Yes, I want to make sure it does exactly what I need it to do. :-) Any and all comments are appreciated, even if it doesn't answer any of my questions.
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