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kingy83 Sep 3, 2010 11:41 AM

RAW or JPG or Both
on my E600 I have been checking settings and have various options for saving files.

Which is best? Just jpeg or jpeg and raw, im a little confused by this?

Mikefellh Sep 3, 2010 12:36 PM

The E-600 is an SLR, and as such questions about it should be in the Oly SLR forum:

But to answer it here, there is no best, only what's best for YOU!

RAW is like a film negative. Some people will try to convince you RAW is best, but RAW while it can capture more colours and can be edited more thoroughly (more latitude for recovering lost highlights and shadows if you make a mistake with exposure), requires specific image editing programs to edit RAW files (not all programs handle RAW, while all will do a JPEG). RAW also takes more computing processing power (takes several seconds to show a RAW image, while a JPEG appears almost instantly). RAW is more for the person who wants to spend their time tweaking the image.

JPEG is like a Polaroid, already processed, ready to view, but some things can still be done with it. JPEG is not bad, yes there are limitations on how far you can edit it, and you are limited in colours, but most consumer printers, not to mention film labs are optimized for this format, and you won't get the results editing a RAW is supposed to generate. Many pros use JPEG because they don't have the time to fiddle with RAW, and they use the proper camera settings so they don't have to fix their mistakes later.

Neither is's like saying what is better, driving a 7 passenger minivan, or driving a 2 passenger sports car? All depends in what YOU want in a car.

Check out this video on the "Six lies about digital photography" which discusses the RAW vs. JPEG issue:

kingy83 Sep 4, 2010 1:40 PM


Originally Posted by Mikefellh (Post 1137013)
The E-600 is an SLR, and as such questions about it should be in the Oly SLR forum:

My apologises about the wrong place however thank you for answering thi for me

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