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Glad to hear that the RESET worked (although I'm puzzled by what setting was preventing the RAW option from showing up. I actually called Olympus and opened a problem report. One of the things they told me was that if the memory card is close from being full, then RAW will not be an option since the file size it producesis too big. I haven't checked the card we have in the camera to see how full it is but my guess is that the Oly customer support guy did not know what he was talking about.
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Old Oct 31, 2008, 7:23 AM   #12
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Hi, I happen to read this conversation and believe I can throw some light on this "mystery" of being unable select RAW. I bought this excellent camera on Oct 27th, 2008 and since then reading up every material on SP-570UZ that the Google search is throwing up. Proud of owning this .

When "Fine Zoom" is selected from the Camera menu, one is forced to use a resolution of 3MP or below. This is because the camera adds an additional 10X optical zoom by cropping a higher resolution picture. So, when Fine Zoom feature is enabled in the camera, the RAW & RAW+JPEG options gets disabled.

So before RESETing the settings you may have painfully customized, please check if disabling the Fine Zoom feature of teh camera helps!

My 2-cents. This could be the only reason IMHO. Let me know if this helps.
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Old Nov 4, 2008, 3:49 PM   #13
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When I had my problem of not being able to select RAW I had tried every setting, tried disabling every setting and every combination in between. But I only manged to get RAW by resetting.....its been available ever since.:-)However not very clued up about the process of using RAW so it not been used much.


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Old Nov 23, 2008, 1:07 PM   #14
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I just got an Olympus 570 UZ. I got it for free As a promotional reward for 15 years safe driving at work. I've been researching the different features and playing with it.

I'm having a blast taking the ultra zoom photos and using the optical zoom in conjunction with digital zoom allows you to take some absolutely amazing pics of birds high in a tree... or anyhting else way out there...

I got the camera to select RAW when I'm in the 'P' shooting mode by first going to MY mode on the little circle dealie on top of the camera, (The one with the icon surrounded by a square) then selecting menu, image quality, then the RAW andRAW + JPEG are not grayed out. After selecting these, then I turn the selector ring to P and.. Wallah, Magically, for some unknown reason when you select menu, then image quality... The RAW and RAW+ JPEG modes are available to select and I can then take RAW pics in P mode... (I hope that makes sense.... )

Hmmmm Now I've lost the ability to do digital zoom with those settings... I cant remember how I set the camera to do digital zoom now.. Back to the manual....

Just a quick edit here. In order ot get my fun Digital zoom back after setting it to RAW in the MY square box selector ring mode I had to go back to image quality in the MYmode and deselect RAW, (Which curiously enough results in a Greyed out Raw and RAW+JPEG choice if you go back to P mode and try to select rAW...

It looks to me as if setting it to RAW mode is only possible in MY mode, then you cant use digitla zoom until you desect RAW in MY again...

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Old Jan 12, 2009, 7:47 AM   #15
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Do a reset on the camera and take it back down to factory settings.
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