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Default Refurbished cams... whats bad about them?

I am interested in purchasing an Olympus 4040. Can't afford a new one.. too expensive here where I live.. I found a dealer who is selling refurbished Olympus 4040. My questions:
How can I assure that this cam was refurbished by Olympus and its not an electronic trash ?
Only Olympus refurbishes their cameras or it can be done by others ?
If it was refurbished by the manufacturer, according to what I read in this forum, I should have no big problems, right ?

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I can tell you from my experience. Three weeks ago I purchased a refurbished C-2100 directly from Olympus. Yes, from the source. When I recieved the C-2100, it had really bad hot/dead pixels, and I sent it back to Olympus for an exchange. Okay, so I got a lemon, what are the chances of them sending me anything worst right? Well, I got the replacement about a week later, and guess what? It was much worst than the original one I sent back. Look at the photos taken by the second C-2100 here, http://www.pbase.com/gmlasam/inbox Olympus claims that "You can feel secure that your product functions every bit as well as a brand-new product...maybe better!" Well, if that were true, then how did these refurbs get passed quality control? You would think since these are refurbs these would be more carefully inspected for defects upon leaving thier facility. I emailed Olympus again, and this is what they said, "We will take care of the problem 100%. We can either take the second camera back and send you another which we will have personally inspected or of course we can offer you a full refund. We sincerely apologize for the error and inconvenience. Whatever you would like to do is fine with us.


Olympus America Inc."

Within three weeks, the amount of time I have held and used the C-2100 was about one hour. Within the three weeks, the majority of the time the camera has been bounced around shipping to Olympus. I'm not even going to mention the shipping cost I have paid twice already trying to get a good working camera from Olympus. Stay tune for what other bullshit they give me.

So in other words, if I'm getting such crappy service and getting defective products even from Olympus, be warned about refurbs from third party sources. Your better off buying a new camera, and go for a Canon. At least they don't screw their loyal customers like Olympus.
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gmlasam, I am sorry you have had a bad experience with Olympus. In time, I am sure Olympus will make it right with you. My experience with Olympus is that, although they take a long time for repairs, you will be satisfied in the end. I bought a second C-2100 (refurb) while I was waiting for my first one to be repaired, and yes, it has a couple of hot pixels, but not quite as noticeable as the two clusters of stuck pixels in your example. I would recommend that you be patient and judge Olympus by the final outcome. They promised satisfaction, only it may take a little while.

As for the original post, buying a refurb from a reputable dealer like Olympus is really just an insurance policy against buying a used camera and it breaking within the first 3 months. It's better than buying a used one from eBay with no warranty, but it may be your best choice if the camera is out of production like the C-2100. And, for what it's worth, had my original C-2100 been a refurb, the warranty wouldn't have done any good, because it didn't require repairs until after the 7th month.
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