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loriehall Nov 18, 2004 11:06 AM

I photographed my son's basketball game last night. I had my camera set on the Sports Mode and had the Fulltime AF (Auto Focus) on. It was in the HQ setting. This is my question--is this the best setting for me to begin my sports picture taking? I was not overly impressed with the photos. If I have the Sport Mode, or any mode set, will the camera automatically make all of the other correct, needed settings for me, or do I still need to manually set certain settings? I have spent as much time as I can with the manual, etc., but work full-time and have four children, so my time is limited. I'm not lazy, just looking for a few pointers until I have an opportunity to really spend time with my new camera and the manual. Thanks! :-)

Most importantly--I purchased the Olympus C770! (A littleneeded info ;))!

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