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Barry in Dallas Apr 24, 2009 9:27 PM

Anyone still have and use their C-2100? I still think it was the best 2-3MP camera ever made..period!! The models below I was able to buy for a total of less than $200 for all three, some came with Smartmedia cards as well. I think I got a great deal but I think my Pentax k200d is getting jealous since the "triplets" are getting all my attention now :sad: :shock:

sdromel May 7, 2009 3:10 PM

Yes, I still have the C2100 (aka UZI). Bought it some years back from CompUSA as a closeout. It is still in perfect condition. I dont use it often now-a-days but with except once in a while for special projects. Ive gotten a lot of mileage from that camera. Did a lot of weddings & musical festival events, etc.

I'll always remember me trying out the camera at CompUSA and some lady asking me, "why arent you interested in the newer smaller (I think it was at the time) C-700 UZ?" (C700 was intended to be the C2100 replacement by Oly.) I turned to the lady & said, "Madam, because this one takes better photos".

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