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Default Sturdiness of the Oly 740/750 lense

Hi all,

I have largely settled on the Olympus 740/70 for a first digicam purchase, but one thing bothers me (well, maybe two). I love the long zoom, reviews and users seem more than satisfied with the photo quality, it uses standard batteries, and it feels good in the hand (not too small, not too large). I'll use for general family pictures, pictures of the kids in sports and activities, and scenic pictures. I do worry about the wiggle in the lense, and it makes me worry about whether I could comfortably throw it in a bag or backpack (with the lense cap on of course) and not worry about it.

Now in all likelihood it would be in a soft case at least, but maybe not always. I know some use the lense adaptor with a filter for protection, but that makes it bulkier for a backpack and defeats some of the portability.

Any opinions? Is this a real worry, or not a problem in the real world?


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I notice on my 750uz that there is an ever so slight wiggle to the lens barrel itself but when retracted and powered off with the lens cap on it doesn't move at all. I usually keep mine in the video camera bag I purchased for it and all my accessories but I have just tossed it in the top of my backpack on a couple hikes for easy retreval. I haven't had a single issue with it yet, but have only own the camera for about 4-5weeks.

For me personally it depends on what im going to be doing with the camera. If im just going to a friends house I have a small soft bag that fits the camera, a set of batteries, a filter and the adapter but I also end up taking the filter and adapter off whenever it gets put away in the bag or into my backpack and the lens cover is installed. If im going to take alot of pics and nature shots I bring the camera in the video bag with all the lens' and such. Personal preference I guess, but you shouldn't really have to worry about it always being put into a case as long as your careful.
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The main worry is about the lens being bumped while open...this has happened to a few people in the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, and most of them could bump it in the other direction and the lens started working again.

Another worry is dust...some people with earlier C-7x0's have reported dust inside the lens...having a tube on it at all times reduces the chances of this.

To be honest, I don't find the tube all that bad...it's not as bad as my SLR was. Now if I add my wide angle converter or Cokin filter adaper to that, then it gets bad.

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, discussions, fun assignments for all C-7x0 users, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/
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