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Default Think I should have posted here

Hey all,
I've been scanning this post for a while and just wanted to say good job to all.Its a great outlet to be able to check out.

Now down to business.....I have used only one digicam (Canon A40) and loved it.Only drawback I had was the zoom or lack of it!
I turned my attention to the Olympus C7xx line now.
My question is this could I buy a Canon A40 or better yet an A70 and attach a zoom lense to it?

In Canada I can get an A70 for $499 whereas an Olympus 730 is $699. So for $200 could I not buy a half decent zoom lense and attach it to the camera I'm used to??

Maybe buying the C730 would be better because it is designed for an ultra zoom.
For even further confusion I noticed the HP 830 (I believe)...Is this camera the same quality as say an Oly c730???
Any advice would be appreciated

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The thing about cameras with retractable lenses is in most cases you can't attach a converter-lens directly to the camera's lens...they need to be attached with a filter tube converter (this incudes the Oly C-7x0 series).

The nice thing about the Oly is that the large zoom is already built in and you don't need to attach or remove attachments depending on the picture you want to take...you just touch the T/W switch to get more or less zoom.

However, I've known people to also add converters to the Oly UZ cameras (one person added a 5x teleconverter to the C-2100UZ to convert its 380mm lens to 1900mm). They've also added wide-angle converters.

What I'm saying (I guess) is no matter how good a camera is some people want more functionality.

Anyway, suggest you ask in the Canon forum about the ability (or lack of) to add lenses to those cameras.

Can't comment about the HP cameras.

As a C-700 user, I suggest you save up for the C-750...with it's ED lens it should be better (I haven't seen a side by side comparison). I'm personally waiting for what comes next...the 750 is what the original C-700 should have been (dual strap points, flash hotshoe, etc.) but I'm waiting for them to add a focus assist beam like the C-5050 has.

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, for users of all C-7x0 cameras; discussions, fun assignments, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/
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