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Default using viewfinder on D40zoom--out of alignment

I have noticed with my D40z that whenever I use the viewfinder to frame shots, the final output tends to be off-centre. In other words, if I centre the viewfinder on an object and then take the picture, the resulting photo has the centred object significantly shifted upwards.

This problem doesn't happen when I use the LCD...Is this normal???
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your viewfinder is just above the lens it would be off center on the vertical plane. when you look through the optical viewfinder it is off axis of focal plane of the lens itself(above it. what you get is a parallax error(What you see aint quite what you get). the closer the subject is to the lens the more off it will be. inside the viewfinder there should be some marks. these are called parallax correction marks. they give you a reference for reframing (centering) using the viewfinder.
your image is perfect in the monitor because its looking right through the lens hence no error.
check out your manual

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Check out this site to learn more about the parallax problem:


One of the reasons why I chose the C700 with its TTL EVF (Through The Lens Electronic View Finder) rather than one of the other Oly cameras with a non-TTL optical viewfinder.
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Mgazer, I have an Oly (D510), and if you think it's off when shooting in regular mode, through the viewfinder, just wait till you try macro mode! I have to put the subject way up at the top of the LCD screen and over to one side to get it in the pic .
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