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hi joe,

yes, the sofware version refers to your firmware as well. that last number 76, is your firmware version. seems to me like you got one of the earliest firmware versions out there. i wouldn't make too much out of it though, as i know of people with v76 firmware whose cameras work just fine.

the picture you uploaded seems to have lost its exif data for whatever reason, but from the info you provided, i already see one big "boo-boo". that is, you shot in ISO400. this is guaranteed to give grain, and just like film, you want as low an ISO as possible to get a "smooth" picture. higher ISOs are tradeoffs between higher sensitivity and grain (or noise), and the main justification for higher ISOs to me is solely that it may be better to get a grainy shot in low light conditions than to get no shot at all. i personally shoot almost exclusively in iso 64 and sometimes 100, only going to the higher if the conditions require it.

second, i'd tweak the settings, to have sharpness -4, contrast -1, and saturation either 0 or +1. keep in mind that the 5050 produces very nice colors already so if you shoot at strong colors, such as a bright red, you may actually have to turn saturation down, but this is all subjective and personal preference.

try the above two suggestions and see if this improves it any.

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Greetings and many thanks to you guys for the help.

Switching the ISO to 64 made a world of differance... still not quite the quality I've seen others do on this camera. But it's a lot better.

The following pic was taken with the following settings:

ISO 64, Quality SHQ, sharpness -4, contrast -1, and saturation 0, Flash Auto.


The subject is my Dad.

What other settings do you recomend?
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