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asp Nov 10, 2003 2:54 PM

warning! oly c2040 and similar
we all know about the lens cap issue and the grinding noise. well my lens has become stuck in the extended position but the camera doesnt know it. any power up or down leads to grinding noise and eventual shut down. while i left the cap off a few times over the 2yrs i have the camera, i havent in the last few months.

i am off warranty and have called some repair shops and they tell me this happens alot and that you must replace the entire lens tube. not believing this i open the camera (being off warranty) and i have confirmed that the entire enclosed tube houses the junky plastic gears as well as the lens.

i am so dissapointed that olympus would so obviously take the most physically used part of the camera, make it out of cheap plastic, and house it inside the most delicate and expensive part.

i am about to send to olympus for repair estimate but i assume they will tell me to replace whole tube and charge at least $100 or more. i am disgusted enough that i may just trash it and get a new - non-olympus camera (not that the competition w/b different)

this email is a PLEE to anyone with advice or similar problems, and also a WARNING because i think the design choice by olympus makes it clear that this fate awaits all of this popular line of oly cams.

Mike_PEAT Nov 10, 2003 3:06 PM

All brands are like that...we're talking about consumer cameras here. Same with VCRs...they used to be bullet they're all made out of plastic gears...and where they used to have 5 motors they now have two.

Neither this message nor this "problem" will turn me away from Olympus cameras. It's just a fact of life...just like cars now having plastic instead of metal bumpers, timing belts (that need replacing) instead chains.

BTW, Olympus has flat rates for the US the repair bill for the 2040 is either $114 (minor) or $179 (major)...the 2040 repair bill is actually reasonable...the 2020's cost is $213-$351! I'll admit though that it doesn't mention if parts are included.

ifco Jul 23, 2004 7:21 PM


I just want to ask whether you still have that broken camedia 2040. My camera was broken a year ago and I'm looking for spare parts to repair mine. Please let me know if you are interested in selling that camera for parts.

Thank You


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