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mauricechung Jun 7, 2003 2:44 AM

Would appreciate opinions and help on decision: D-40, C-50?
Hello all

This website has great reviews, but I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on a comparison between the C-50, D-50, and the Canon S400. I've had the Canon S100 for about a year, but the LCD has cracked, and besides I would like greater resolution in order to be able to print out at least 8x10's.

I would spring the extra $ to get a C-50 over a D-40, but the things potentially holding me back are the lack of the remote control IR access from the back, and the lack of the night image fixer-function. On the other hand, the D-40 is impaired by the fact that it is slightly bulkier (true?) and that smartmedia cards only come in 128mb sizes. What other factors do you think should enter a consideration between the C-50 and the D-40? Which do you feel has truer color and saturation without any fiddling of the dials?

The thing that draws me to the S400 is the cheap and easy availability of huge CF cards (512mb's are going for 85 dollars on eBay) as well as the three minute video clip capability (although of course, I wanted great video I should buy a real DVCam, but still, 3 minutes is a lot nicer than 30 seconds). However, on my S100 I have noticed that there is something slightly off about the picture quality, it is not as vivid and crisp as I would like. I was wondering which between the Canons and the Olympuses have traditionally had the truer picture quality.

Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to purchase one soon for a family trip that is coming up.


jmcdev1 Jun 8, 2003 1:32 PM

Hi Maurice, I have a D40, and have read all the earlier posts on the dpr forum comparing it and the C50. I think the D40 is better.

It's only about a 1.4" thicker than the C50. I don't think it would be that noticeable in a pocket.

I can't begin to tell you how often I use the remote, along with a tripod. It's a great feature.

The D40 has more manual controls. I joined the camera club in town, and this forced me to start using all of them for different types of shoots. Now, I never use Program, and the better control has turned out to be a real plus for me.

4 mp is enough for great 8x10's and I don't think you will miss the extra mp.

Finally, the noise reduction feature for night shots is awesome. It really works.

Don't have any experience with the C50.

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