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Default X AND Y Resolution With Olympus C-750!!!!

Hi guys!

Let me before anything say a BIG thanx to the person who opened this great site! You can't beleive how happy I am to be here

Now my first question is about X and Y Resolution!

I bought my Olympus C-750 Camera few days ago and tought I was getting a real good Camera.

My friend has a old Canon (PowerShot S30) only 2.5 Mega Pixel and when I look and compare the pictures taken with that and my olympus I see that pictures coming from the Canon have X and Y Resolution both of 180 and the ones with Olympus have only 72!

I have tried with all picture quality settings (from lower to Tiff) and it dose not make any diferents for X and Y Resolution!

Could someone please explain what is going on here and what is this X and Y Resolution after all?

Also to my great regret I "Think" = "not sure" But this is my impression that the Canon gives sharper and better image!

Lets not forget that the canon is I think 2 years old and MUCH cheaper!

Ahhh anyway....
Please shed some light on this !
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The DPI number is meanless, except for printing. Using my C-700 as an example, it takes a 1600x1200 picture...at 72dpi it can print a 22"x16" picture. If you change the dpi to 150dpi, that same picture will print out at 10.6"x8". At 200dpi that picture becomes an 8"x6". At 300dpi that picture becomes a 5.3"x4".

But in all of those cases it's still the same 1600x1200 pixel picture. 72dpi is a Mac screen resolution. 96dpi is Windows.

DPI makes no difference on input or input quality.
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This is still not clear to me!

When I look at the pictures taken with OLYMPUS C750 X&Y show 72 and on canon 180!!!

Why is that?

Dose the canon camera take a picture with higher DPI?

I am not here trying to say that one is better then the other. But I really like to understand why on c750 the picture is originaly at 72!?

You say: "The DPI number is meanless, except for printing."

Well actualy this is important! I take pictures to print them!
So would a picture taken with my friends canon(180) print better at biger size then when taken with my c750?

Btw, excuse my ignorence and the fact I am insisting on the subject!
This is something I really don't understand and would love to figure out!
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