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frosti Jan 11, 2007 10:06 PM

Used Dazzle xD/SM card reader, 256mb xD Olympus card, computer running Windows ME and Ulead Photo program. Downloaded some photos to computer (not whole card). When card was put back into camera, format or power off were only selections offered. Card was put back into reader but looked like gibberish on files. I know this subject has been discussed, but am not clear on what the problem is. Card? Camera? Reader? Older computer and programs? All of the above? Have ordered new card, but will it go haywire, too??

Any help GREATLY appreciated! My son's camera and pictures. So far, he has not threatened to kill me!

ac.smith Feb 2, 2007 2:44 PM

I'd be suspicious of the card reader first and then the Ulead software. You might try the following:

"Remove the card from the camera and place it in the card reader of your computer. Cancel/Close out of any programs/help screens that may show up. Open My Computer and right click on the removable drive that is the memory card. Select Properties from the shortcut menu. Click the Tools tab and the the Check Now... button under Error checking... . A dialog boxwill appear, place a checkmark the line "Automatically fix file system errors." and click the Start button." If this fails recover the pictures kiss them goodby, chalk it up to experienceand reformat the card in the camera.

I use only Window's file management software (Windows Explorer) to transfer pictures from card to my computer. I simply open the drive that represents the card in My Computer, select the pictures I want and drag them to the appropriate folder on the computer's hard drive. Be aware that if you want to delete them off of the card after transfer by this method you need to hold down the shift key when you delete or Windows Me will send them to a Recycle Bin that it creates on the card

frosti Feb 3, 2007 9:21 AM

Thanks for info! Will try it. Am learning the hard way that all card readers are not created equal.

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