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PatoG Oct 3, 2002 10:26 PM

XD memory for Olympus
Hi everyone,
What exactly is the new "XD" memory?
When it comes out, will this mean that SmartMedia will become scarce and hard to find or will the opposite happen?

PatoG :o

ajitkataria Oct 5, 2002 1:31 AM

Fujifilm's new xD-Picture Card is the solution for the new generation of compact digital cameras. xD-Picture Card is the smallest, lightest flash memory card available today weighing only 2 grams, yet it offers the fast read/write speed and high capacity that today's newest products require. The xD-Picture Cards are currently available in storage capacities from 16 MB to 128 MB. In future the capacity will go upto 8 GB's

There is a downside with the xD media, as it would not be compatible with the existing SmartMedia equipment, however, it can be used with the eqpt. that use Compact Flash through an adapter.

I don't see any reason why the SmartMedia card's shall turn scarce,


PatoG Oct 5, 2002 2:02 AM

Great Ajeet. Thanks for the great explanation of the XD format cards. I've got the Oly C2100 uz and am going to purchase the smaller more portable D550. I'll probably hold onto these cams for a couple of years or so - that means I'll be staying with the SmartMedia format for a while.

Thanks again


sjms Oct 5, 2002 9:10 AM

actually it should read more like this:

the xd picture card is a new way to gain royalties on a completely unnecessary product and form factor design. this product will cause the population to say WOW! something new and cool and small- i gotta have it.
its only redeeming factor is the promise of backwards compatibility to the cf form factor(with adapter) which holds about 85+% of the market.

in todays photo marketplace to produce and market anything below 128MB is sort of a waste with 3MP now the bottom end and 5MP becoming the middle road soon.

smartmedia promised higher than 128MB.

memorystick is a ditto on that too.

at least sd and mm come in 256/512MB as of today.

propriatary types seem to lag in developement area due to there licencing schemes.

cf sd mm each have external dev orgs to push the form factor with liberal licencing. this is possibly why there are more cf based cameras in the marketplace today. where the sd format is in the pda market and made some inroads in the photo market.

the new kodak DSC pro 14n full frame Dslr supports both cf and sd/mm because they have both delivered on capacity needed for nextgen photo products.

olympus saw the writing on the wall with the E-10/20 and of course the now imfamous olydak in dev by putting in a cf slot.

just my observation over the past 5 years of dealing in this stuff.

[Edited on 10-5-2002 by sjms]

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