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HarjTT Sep 23, 2006 6:54 PM

I had a quick play with the 14-54 today and here's some of the pics all converted from RAW:

Pic 1. The first shot with the 14-54 in the garden this morning. Just minor USM in Pshop.

Pic 2. The British Museum (again!)

3. The hero Melegar - one of my favorite classical scupltre at the BM

4. Fun in Covent Gardens - would love to be able to reshoot this one again and crop the shot nice and tight - but I only caught the moment as I was walking past.

5. Some music - talk about Mr Grumpy.

6. Waiting at Covent Gardens

The only negative about the lens - is that after carrying it for over an hour it and the E1 began to feel heavy in the hand.

I just realised that I was getting ok with the 14-45 so I'm gonna have to start over again with the 14-54 - oh well !



:O :? :|

D.Ann Sep 23, 2006 10:22 PM


Very nice, the second and third are my favorites. I can see you will put that new lens to good use. Donna

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