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Yesterday - I popped into London to treat myself a wee bit and take a few pics with the E1 of the little and not so little critters there. There's parts of the zoo that I don;t like - esp the enclosure fro the big cats and birds of prey which is just way too small and you can see that they need more space. I really wish the zoo was allowed to expand into more of the park we have enough football picthes/parks in the city but just one zoo!

Here's a few pics from the day:

1. Regents Park - One of the entrances to the Park in central London. Luckily for me the rain had stopped and the sun was out although the E1+14-54 wouldn;t have eben bothered by the wet weather!

2. A funny Bright red looking thing:

3. The Pelican's

4. A cheeky Squirrel Monkey - now I had thought that these guys would have been pretty smart but apparebtly there not.

5. A cats got my tail! Asian lions from India. - Taken behind glass

6. Are you friendly - Tigers. Taken behind very dirty glass.

The rest of the days shots can be found here:


After reviewing the pics I wasn't able to get as many tack sharp images as I would have liked to have. Now I think I need to improve my technique with the 14-54, I was really happy with the Birght red bird but that took 2 attempts before getting a shot as sharp as I liked and then I screwed it up by cuttings its legs off! I also found that even at ISO200 fine detail wasn't there - a prime example was the pelican's now I know that again was my fault, I had the E1 set to ISO200, f7.1 @1/500s & spot metering which I had assumed would have produced a sharp detailed picture. I'm more than open to advise and criticsm so I can fix what I'm doing wrong. I'd also like to get my hands on the 35-100 f2.0 (not that I can afford it!) as I think its focal range would be ideal or the 50-200 f2.8-3.5 which if it had IS would be just perfect.



:O :?

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Nice series HarjTT, I wish I could offer you some technical advice, but not qualified, but I know how you feel about sharp images, anything less is just unsatisfactory. donna
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