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Hello OLYMPUS owners,

How is the handling of the EVOLT E-500 camera, is the grip toocramped or anything?

Do you still have dust problems on the CCD with Olympus' dust buster?

Is the battery life good besides using main LCD as status panel?

Important: Is the viewfinder alright for composition? (Is it adequate?)

Is the camera sluggish in any other critical areas? (Besides waiting for the Supersonic Wave Filter)

Thanks you all guys in advance.

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Old Oct 26, 2006, 3:18 PM   #2
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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Is the camera sluggish in any other critical areas? (Besides waiting for the Supersonic Wave Filter)

I still find that absolutely hilarious even after 6 months of owning the E-500! Every review and every other DSLR owner mentions the "wait" for the SSWF. I just turned on my camera and I estimate the wait at 1.5 or so seconds. It takes me at least 6 seconds to unzip the damn camera bag and another 4 or 5 seconds to find the tabs on the lens cap. Yeah...that 1.5 second wait...how annoying.

To the other questions:

I have no complaint at all with the handling or grip. I've taken 3,000 pictures since May. Many of them have been at out door events where I walk around with the camera for a few hours at a time.

To date, I have seen no evidence whatsoever of dust on my E-500 sensor.

I get over 600 shots per charge with limited use of the onboard flash.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the viewfinder but I do hear complaints from others so I can't give it unqualified endorsement. I've taken a lot of action shots (probably 500+ pictures of aircraft in motion) and I can't say that the viewfinder was an impediment. At the very least, it's adequate. In the list of the manyE-500 strengths, you probably won't find the viewfinder used a bragging point. But I have to say I never gave it much thought until I heard other people comment thatthey weren't fond of it.
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Old Oct 26, 2006, 4:14 PM   #3
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Brent is correct, 1.5sec startup time matters only if you are holding the the camera to your eyes and powering up.

Never had dust problem in the past 4 months I've owned the e500. I am not someone that would swipe the ccd (or cmos, whatever) of a $700 worth camera with a cotton swab every month or so...Yes, dust filter was a major factor for me...

High ISO noise was also not a factor that affected me...I still shoot ISO800 shots occasionally. Infact, If I remember correctly, popphoto rated high ISO noise of e500 as Moderate and of Rebel XT as Unacceptable. I am not a pixel peeper, so I dont care anyway.

However, I did go into the store and tried handling all cameras. I thought Nikon felt better, but that varies with people. Go to a store and try handling all cameras yourself.

Battery is very good, I have gone 2 days continuously without recharging, probably taking some 200-300 photographs. This does not include all those photographs deleted and the reviews done by my wife after each photograph was taken.
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Old Oct 26, 2006, 4:51 PM   #4
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Hi, I have had my e-500 for about 8 months and post pictures on this forum all the time. In addressing your concerns..I think they have been answered more than adequately. My only problem is I am still shooting with the kit lens which are not bad but I would like to move on and am concerned about the cost of the zuiko ditigal lens. I thought about using an adapter/ with older lensbut didn't know about focuing manually with the viewfinder...anyhow I think this camera is feature rich and a lot of "bang for your buck". donna
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Old Oct 26, 2006, 5:12 PM   #5
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Ditto for me on all counts.

The "Start up" DELAY is a joke. It takes that long to take off the lens cap as it starts.

I have BIG hands and have never had a problem with handling the camera and as for battery life I do have a spare but only when Iforgot tocharge the firstafter using it all dayonce did I need to switch it.

A spare battery is just as important as spare flash cards as far as I'm concerned.
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Old Oct 27, 2006, 5:20 PM   #6
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Thanks guys, I am glad to hear that it doesn't really have issues with those that I have mentioned.


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Old Oct 27, 2006, 5:46 PM   #7
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And another feature which most people just don't talk about.

It's the prettiest looking DLSR in the market.
(Atleast I think so ... :-))

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Old Oct 27, 2006, 7:38 PM   #8
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Handling is a personal thing...for instance many people love the feel of the E-1...personally I dislike and prefer the E-300 for feel.

Regarding dust issues, if you get something sticky on the sensor like pollen the dust reduction WON'T get rid of it and it would require manual cleaning. In a Canon forum on another site people were complaining about Canon's system...you don't see that from Olympus users.

I've never let the battery go long enough to let it die, but many users say they get between 400 & 800 shots on a charge.

Once you get used to the viewfinder, size is not an issue...I've owned a medium format camera with a much smaller viewfinder so the E-camera VF size is not an issue, for me.

Anyone who complains about the speed of the SSWF is not a photographer, but a snap shooter who never composes their shots...time how long this takes (assuming you have the camera hanging around your neck), flicking the power switch on, gripping the camera and putting it to your eye, framing the shot (and zooming if you have a zoom lens)...I haven't even gotten to half-pressing the shutter to focus because by now the SSWF would have had time to operate 3 times, never mind the 1.5 seconds it takes to operate once.

Have to admit there are complaints from inexperienced users regarding focus issues, but personally I've never found that. People who have used point & shoot digicams expect dSLRs to be as forgiving, but dSLRs require more finesse.
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Old Oct 28, 2006, 9:04 AM   #9
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i have to agree with those who have replied already, i have had my e-500 for 11.5 months, and have had zero issues with those that you mentioned. i would like to add that you can shut of the little screen animation that plays while the sswf does its thing and this saves you another fraction of a second, if you are that concerned about start up time. i also strongly agree with gaggu, the olympus build is far superior to the competition in my opinion, & is very pleasing to look at. the rebel xt to me feels & looks like a kids toy, very thin blow mold plastic is used on the body, & the kit lens is just as ugly. the nikon camera body itself isn't as bad as the canon but the kit lens is. another thing the amount of creative control on the e-500, if you are willing to learn it is far superior to any dslr that i am aware of. although most prefer to do it in pp.
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sorry about the repost dial up issues:?
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