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Well, it certainly soundslike a great camera!

I fully agree that the Olympus EVOLT E-500 is a very nice looking camera, andit is also packed full of interesting features.

Thanks so much for your points of views!!
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Actually, the main shortcoming with the camera IS the viewfinder. It's too small. It's also not particularly useable for manual focusing.
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I think this camera is feature rich and a lot of "bang for your buck". donna
I agree with Donna. I love my E-500. It's a comfortable-feeling camera and lots of features to take advantage of. I haven't had any problems with mine either. Heck, I even successfully got that rebate offered at the time. Though I didn't rely on the rebate at all in my pricing decision, I had less faith in getting that, than I did in the camera. :lol:

I'm still learning to see how good I can get with the kit lenses for now. In some situations I already know I may need a bit more in the lens department, but that can wait.

I think this camera (and maybe Olympus in general?) tends to get underestimated at times, from what I'd read online. I didn't let any "Canon"-ites or "Nikon"-ers discourage me while I was researching what I wanted from a camera, though. :-)


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Ditto what Doug said. The view finder is the only thing about this camera that bugs me. I don't like having the view finder info on the side, I'd prefer it on the bottom like my E-1 (love the E-1's view finder). With the E-500 it is very hard to see the info if I have my glasses on. But to answer your question "is it adequate" - just.

Other than that, like Donna said, it is a great bang for the buck and feature rich and the kit lenses are very good.

P.S: I agree with Brent. The "wait" for the dust cleaning proceedure is negligible and it really works.

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