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i was wondering if the 8mm fisheye lens would be good for landscape photos as to the 7-14 or 11-22 i know they are all wideangle lenes just want to get some feedback on them from someone who may have try all three lenes. thank you (PAT):?
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Whether the 8mm lens will work for you will depend on what type of "landscape" photography you want to do.

The 8mm is a true fisheye, bent lines and all. It's actually a fun type lens to use....at least for the first few weeks or months. Eventually the one I had wound up in the bottom of my bag and was rarely used.

The 11-22 and 7-14 Zuikos are superb lenses. Just go give you an idea of the difference, here's an image shot with a fisheye lens...

and here's the same subject, but shot with the 7-14 Zuiko...

Which look do you prefer? The 11-22 and 7-14 also have the advantage of being zooms, so they are much more versatile than being stuck at 8mm and dealing with wild, distorted lines. One thing you CAN do is the Olympus software does offer the ability to "de-fish" the 8mmfisheye. I've not tried it, but I've heard it works well. I'd prefer a good image right out of the camera.

Other examples of the 7-14..the 11-22 will be just as good, it just won't go as wide...

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thanks greg i dont like the bubble look the fisheye lens gives you i think i well go with the 11-22 or the 7-14. thank you (PAT):|
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