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Here's a simple focusing accuracy test that I recommend:

Place a yardstick on the ground, lengthwise running away from you. Set the Camera on the ground as well, adjusting the angle of the camera so that you can focus on the middle of the yard stick, with the front of the lens about 6 inches away from the yardstick - I recommend focusing as accuratedly as you can at the 18 inch mark of the yardstick - use the middle AF spot dead on to the 18 inch mark on the stick. If your lens doesn't focus close enough to do this, back further away from the yardstick.

Set your exposure mode to A, and set the Aperture to the widest setting that you can with whatever lens you are using. - but make sure that the lighting and ISO settings are sufficient so that the camera is using a shutter speed of at least 1/200 of a second - this will insure that you are not getting blur from camera shake.
When the viewfinder (or LCD using Live View) indicates that you are correctly focused on the 18 inch mark on the yardstick, shoot the photo. Take several more for good measure.

If your camera's focus mechanism is working correctly, the resulting photos should show sharp focus on the 18 inch mark on the yardstick. If the focus alignment is off, the accurate focus will be at some other point on the yardstick. If the entire photo is blurry, something else is wrong with your camera.
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