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going to buy a few lenes soon and one of them is going to be the sigma 50-500 i was wondering if anyone out there has tried this lens.if anyone has tried this lens i would like to know what you think of it and how it performs im going to be useing it with the e-500.thank you very much (PAT):|
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I gotthe Bigmaa few weeks ago from B&H. I have been using the ZD 50-200mm and I was looking for something with more reach. I have been taking it to the Zoo and I am enjoying it. You need a tripod naturally but it I have no complaints.One of My fave shots is of this Tiger. It was far away but seemed to be looking right at me when I took the picture. Anyway, I think most people I have spoken to have enjoyed their lens so go for it!
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Old Dec 1, 2006, 8:11 AM   #3
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Hi Net

Just want to know how you think the sigma and the 50-200ZD compare ? Have you found the slower aperture on the sigma a problem ?

I like that tiger shot a lot - how far way was you from the little puddy cat ?



:O :?

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I'm not the greatest when it comes to judging distance but the tiger was kind of shy keeping far away from the public. I would guess about 80 to 90 feet. I have taken shots of other animals with the 50-200mm but wasn't happy as I wanted closer shots like I got with the Tiger. The original size of that shot uncroped prints great on 8 and a half by 11 glossy paper. As far as the slower aperture I have only used it during the day with plenty of light so it isn't too much of a problem.Moving shots are a problem when the lens is at max reach but I think that is a problem with any zoom. I wish I had the ZD 300mm as it would be sharper focus but I can't afford that kind ofglass yet.
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This is my first time posting here,

I just got the 50-500 for my E300

was previously using the zuiko 50-200 f/2.8-3.5

pretty much not happy with the 50-500..
at the top end its grainy.. and soft.. doesn't handle exposure well, and my camera ( a year old) had completely shut down twice while using it, had to reboot camera.

ISO 200 1/1000th f/6.3 500mm

...noticed though while shooting with the lens being 6.3 at the top end that I had to boost the ISO right out to 400 to get the shutter speed at my comfort level .. I got home buzzing.. but then saw the effects of the higher ISO and lower shutter speed.. as I usually shoot at ISO100-200 and 1/2000th shutter speed & around f/3.5 -5.6.
the images were very soft... grainy and quite pastelly saturated.. wondered if it was the ISO, or the lens.. decided both?

so next pic is with my Zuiko 50-200

ISO 100 1/1250th f/4.5 200mm cropped in 30% ... much sharper

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Still cool shots but from what you described it sounds like a firmware issue. Anytime a lens shuts down thecamera that is an electronic communication problem. I would email both Sigma and Olympus. I do know some ZD lenses require updates for the E-300 to use properly. By the way from what I understand all telephoto lenses are not that sharp at both ends. Also, remember this isn't a fast prime lens. It sounds like for the type of action shots you want to do you would need the ZD 300 (if you can afford that kind of glass). For some focus problems try a photoshop plugin called Focusmagic. That helps a lot.Attached isa photo of a nearly full moon that I took with the EC-14 attached (makes it about 708mm). Can't get this with the zd50-200mm.
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