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I visited the Nikon Solutions Expo in London last week and this year took a camera with me. I think I was just one of two that wasn;t a Nikon owner - much different from last year where there were quiet a few Canon shooters attending. My main reason for attending was for the various master classes that they have at the show - catwalk/fashion/action and portrait/wedding over the two days that the show is held. I took just over 200 pics between 11am-4:40pm (i've never taken that many shots in a day - my normal shoot is about 30!) and here's some of the better ones :


I found it a really good experience and came away thinking:

1. Having the FL50 is a must - just way too hard trying to get a decent shot with a non TTL flash. They had recommended ISO400 f5.6 @ 1/500s for the catwalk/fashion shoot - no flash at the time (was still in my bag) so was shooting at f3.5 1/80 or slower.
2. Slightly longer zoom lens definetly required - the 50-200ZD or if Oly's/PanaLieca is listening a 14-100 f2.8 would be nice !
3. A nice fast prime to compliment the 14-54ZD - possibly the Leica D 25mm f1.4 but for now I think a 50mm f1.8 OM Zukio or Nikon from ebay should be just fine after listening to and watching the portrait class.
4. Lightsphere - now thats a seriously handy, inexpensive and essential bit of kit for portrait work.
5. Catwalk/Fashion/Action - just way too hard as most people just seemed to be blasting away and taking as many shots as they could where I found myself wondering why they needed to take so many shots. Also the AF of the E1 just needs to be a wee bit faster and then I think it would hold its own.
6. The E1 and the 4/3 lenses just looked tiny compared to the D200/D80/D100/D70's and the noise from the shutters was well just shocking. I was soo happy that I'd decided to get an E1 and from the results considering it was my first ever attempt to shoot a fashion/catwalk.

Here's a group of people in the catwalk/fashion master class using Nikon supplied D200's and VR lenses:

Taken as RAW and then converted into B&W using Lightroom.



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nice shots there harj!!!!...the olympus glass is a serious thing in my book as the others are so much larger...as far as AF on the E-1, wait a little while and the pro body should be out, i'm sure it'll be a lot better!!!! although the focus is a bit slow/noisy on the ZD 50mm f2, it takes fantastic portraits...manual focus is the way to go for portraits most of the time anyway, at least for me
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