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Came across a thread over at dpreview discussing the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and deep inside one of the posts was a link to a review of the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Oly E1. From the review the sigma looks like a pretty sharp bit of glass and very pretty on the E1 too. I'm going to wait and see what and how the Leica D 25mm f1.4 turns out before making any decisions.

Here's the link:


Original thread on dp:




:O :?
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Thanks, HarjTT.

Yes, an impressive lens. Having used USM-type lenses in the Canon system, I can appreciate the notes in the review about the speed and qietness of the AF motor.Seeing the fact the one or two places I checked for this lens in Zuiko digital mount it's out of stock, it's obviously one of the Sigma's people who use Olympus DSLR'shave been waiting for.

As to whether this one or the Panasonic"Leica" lens is the one to get if you want this focal length in a prime, there's probably no doubt the Panasonic lens will have some slightly better performance in certain areas. The big question will be whether the difference in price will be worth that small performance gain- my guess would be it won't. Of course, if it's all about seeing a lens with that name on the front of your camera, that's an entirely different criteria.

The other thing one has to weigh is the fact "it's a prime". When I was using that same Canon system I mentioned above, I had two primes, the 50mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8, around $400US in lenses, which is around what this Sigma costs here in the US ($429 at B&H). I also had two zooms, a 17-40 and 100-400L with image stabilization. The zooms made probably 90-95% of the images I took with that system...maybe more. To be honest, the 50mm stayed inone of the (many)bags I never take out of the house, so it was basically an unused lens when I sold it with the rest of that system. If you're an avid prime shooter and know you'll use it alot, it's probably a no-brainer lens. If you've not used too many prime lenses and have a good selection of high quality Zuiko digital lenses and really like the convenience a zoom lens gives you over one, unchangeable focal length other than zooming in and out with your feet, think hard about how much use this guy would get for what you'll pay. That's a lot of money for a lens if it's only going to get used from time to time.

I will have access to some discretionary income in the next few weeks to augment my system/workstation at home. I've played with several ideas, and I'll admit, this review you posted has me interested again in a lens like this, but to be honest, my interests would probably better served buying a Wacom tablet (YES!)or another body, like maybe an E-500 that you can now buy newat B&H forpretty muchthe same price ($449US, just $20 more) as a Sigma 30mm f1.4. I would swear the last time I check at B&H several days agothis camera was around $540. They must be getting ready to clear stock for these new bodies we're hearing about, which is about the right timing for me...I tend to stay one generation behind.
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no question there is something aesthetically attractive about prime lenses on Olympus bodies. It does seem there will be few excuses for primes outside of macro use, but then there is that 50mm on the E-P1, whatever that is.

Should be an interesting period, perhaps quite unlike any other, what with the new gear coming out, and the potential for firesale old stock.


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It looks like the Sigma 24mm f1.8 is available right now as well.

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