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There been quiet a bit of noise about the new lenses that may turn up at PMA and the one that seems to be getting quiet a bit of attention is the proposed 12-60mm. Now would I buy such a lens ? I think I would becuase of the starting focal length but the rest would depend on:
  • roughly same size and weight
  • f2.8-3.5. I've read comments that it could be 2.8-4.5[/*]
  • weathersealed[/*]
  • Sharper than the 14-54 and wide open would be nice.[/*]
  • 12-65 (24-130mm) would be even nicer.[/*]
  • Price same ball park figure as the 14-54.[/*]
I'd then like to see something similar to what kenbalbari mentioned a 60-90 f1.8 or 65-100 f2/2.8. That would keep me happy.



:O :?

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About the only thing that would possibly sway me towards getting such a lens and dumping my 14-54 would be if it has a USM-type motor in it. The 14-54 sampleI have is pretty darn sharp, and I prefer to use my 50-200 for the range between 50 and 65mm due to the fact itis an f2.8 lens at those focal lengths, and super sharp to boot.

One things for sure, the more choices people have, the better it is for everyone and Olympus.
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Old Feb 13, 2007, 8:14 AM   #3
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hi Harj
I suspect this is meant to be a new twin lens kit to partner the 40-150
as to speculation, kind of anything goes at the moment tho
it does seem to duplicate, with a longer end, the 11-22
so there must be some rational difference between the two
so either its one up on 11-22, pro quality, or its one down, kit based
the 11-22 is in the middle st, semi pro i guess


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Old Feb 13, 2007, 2:31 PM   #4
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Hi Riley

I'm not sure about the 12-60 being part of the kit lens with the 40-150 as Oly already have a new 14-42mm as part of the E400 twin kit lens. If its a pro quality lens, then Oly ahve killed off the 14-35 f2 which could be possible but it'd then be seriously expensive as it would be a 12-60f2. If its real it would mean theyre pitching it at the semi-pro range like the 14-54 but with that kind of focal length Oly are essentially then phasing out two lenses for one and the 11-22 is a bit unique bit of glass - fast and tack sharp even wide open.

Greg, regards the 14-54 ZD, I'm pretty happy with mine as well its sharp but I think it could do with being a wee bit sharper wide open and your completely right about a USM motor that should be a must have feature. Like I've said before I'd really like to see a 35-100 f2.8 or even a 50-100 f2.8 semi-pro lens, so that its reasonably priced, smallish size and weight, yet a fast, tack sharp like the 50mm, with USM oo and with a 67mm filter thread so we don;t need to spend any more dosh on buying bigger filters! I'm not asking for much .. honest.



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Old Feb 21, 2007, 7:03 PM   #5
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[align=left]Been away on holidays and only now saw the 12-60 rumour.

This came just in time for me as I was about to press buttons to buy the 14-54 to replace the 14-45, now that should not be necessary.

Previous holiday trip was 14-45 plus 40-150 and rarely used the 40-150. (about 1,500 total shots)

This last trip was 11-22 plus 40-150 (no 14-45) and used the 40-150 even less. (about 4,500 total shots).

From that experience I reasoned that the ideal 4/3 travel lens would be something like a bit wider than 14 to a bit longer than 50, so the 12-60 (if true) fits my requirements nicely.

Previous trips with film and 28-108 lens years ago made me realise that 99% of the shots I did fitted in that bracket, but a little wider and longer would be nice.

For macro and longer tele shots I also carry a pocket camera with 28-200 equivalent lens, and the sacrifice in quality is worth the gain in kit simplicity to make the "one lens" DSLR trip a reality.

Sorry to waffle, but I just wanted to support the idea that 12-60 is an extremely useful range for me at least. If it is indeed f/2.8~4.0 then that will be quite OK.

Regards............... Guy
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