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Dumb question....

You do have a Linux Swap partition setup, right?

Bibble should run OK in 512MB. I've got 1GB on my PC and I haven't paid that much attention to memory usage. But, I just compared Bibble and Lightzone and don't see a heck of a lot of difference between them for memory usage (although the web site for the Linux versions of Lightzone recommends 1GB mininum).

This wasn't very scientific. But, browsing the same folder full of raw files, I'm using just a bit over 200MB total RAM (operating system with KDE running and everything, including lots of services being started) with either Bibble Pro or Lightzone (although it's not the latest release). I've never seen Bibble crash under Linux before.

Now, if I play around a little bit, I do see where I can get up to using a bit over 300MB with either one of them. But, virtually no swap space was used (it only went up to around 12MB of swap at one point). I've got a 1GB Swap Partition right now, too.

Given that Ubuntu's memory requirements may be a bit higher than SimplyMEPIS, I can see where you might be cutting it a bit close in 512MB RAM with either one. But, they should run OK if you have a swap partition setup.

If you open a console as root, you can check to see if your Ubuntu install is using the swap (and how much of it is being used).

swapon -s

Lightzone is a darn fast browser for raw files. lol

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wow pretty tasty stuff

so basicly in image editors theres
Gimp / ufraw

for work flow

system updates

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Hi Jim

OK, filesystem setup is as follows:

/ - on a 4GB SCSI-2 UW LVD drive
swap and /VAR - share drive 2, another 4GB SCSI-2 UW LVD drive with Swap set to 1.5GB.
/home - 8GB SCSI-2 UW LVD drive

So there'd plenty of swap - what happens with Bibble is you get these random system lock ups where the load on the system goes through the roof and both CPU's are being maxed to 120% (according to top). I've had load averages of 12 for about 10 mins before the system responds even to a ctrl+alt+f3 to allow me to run another session and kill the process or simply wait for a core file to be dumped to home. I do like Bibble but not that. LightZone, although slow just puts a 2-3 load average on the system, and free ram does drop to 20MB at times and you can hear the drives swapping data out but I've had only one crash with it. On my Ubuntu(6.10) Pc at work P4 3Ghz +1GB ram and 150GB drive Lightzone just flies - zips through the files like nothings going on.

Riley, install the msttcorefonts on any linux build you use - fonts on linux are just kind of crap but those do improve matters quiet a bit.

For me - Lightzone + Picasa are ideal and all I need to do is start to see which of the other image editors (GIMP/Cinepaint, etc) I feel comfortable using.



:O :?

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