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Was posted on Dpreview - the first offical shots of the 3 new DSLR's are up on Olympus Europes' website - the 410/510 are out 5th march. Here's the thread :





:O :?

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nice work Harj

but geez
being parachuted into East Timor was less covert than this

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Yeah I know what you mean! Looking at the E300/330's I could understand becuase of the radical rangefinder style SLR design of the cams if they did that kind of covert marketing but those 3 new cameras's just look like your normal DSLRs - I mean we all know what the E410 looks like already because of the E400!

That does make me think that at the PMA show we'll see a working prototype E1P or whatever Oly call it. One thing I don;t like is the shifting of the lens away from the left hand side of the camera. Ergonomically Oly have it just right with the E1/E300/330/E500 with the lens not inline with the centre and looking at the mockup of the E1P's profile/outline it just looks like another Canon/Nikon body. Just a couple more weeks and we'll find out more. PanaLeica's been very quiet as well - not a a dicky bird from them on a new body, additional lenses etc . I wonder what theyre playing up too? Obviously they dont; want to steal any thunder from Oly's Pro E camera so I'd say we won;t see anything new in terms of a DSLR from them until August 2007.



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You have to stop and remember that some of the radical designs that Olympus came up with may not bode well with the internal technology.
You need to consider that however the new camera body is designed to keep the cost of manufacturing down, and is one of the most important issue that Olympus and even Canon must deal with.
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I too like the off-center design. Obviously the E-400 dosn't have it. But that's a bit different I think in the way you might hold it. The EP1 prototype looks like it has it less so, but as long as it's still somewhat off center and you have enough room on the grip, and it sort of cuts away on the bottom where you can get the left hand easily under the lens.

Pics of EP1 prototype here:

I do like the way they've rounded that side off some, and maybe they'll do that on the E-5xx as well, but hopefully keep the lens near that bottom left corner (right side facing camera). If they can just reduce that side a bit from the prototype I think it would be nice. Adding more body features, like IS, and live view, does maybe require them to find more available space in there though.

On the latest sillouette pics posted, I've been wodering whether they're even meant to be realistic. Looks almost like an artistic rendition which maybe will be not much like reality.

But the front camera is clearly an E-400. Except, there's something on top of where the shutter should be. Have they gone and given us a second command dial? That's somehing I'd like to see if they're going to go up against the D80 and K10D in the prosumer category. But I wasn't expecting it in the E-4xx.

But wouldn't it be like Olympus to put something useful like that throughout their range when others are eliminating it on lower end models? Bet they could make it more ergonomic than Nikon or Pentax to boot. But that's all speculation.

As for the lenses, all we know is 14-35 f2, 12-60 (f3.5-4.5?), and 180-500 (f5-6.3?). And no new primes. Here's some more speculation (and wishful thinking).

My modified wishlist for more lenses:
35-70 f2-2.8 - Again, instead of the 60mm f2 prime I might otherwise want. The fast glass here would be pricey. But still quite a bit less than the 35-100 f2. At 50mm it would still be f2.4. This would be fast enough for alot of indoor low light shooting that doesn't require too much zoom; theatre, weddings, even HS basketball. Thus, it must focus quickly and in low light. Also would mix and match nicely with alot of the rest of the lineup. Could be paired with the 11-22 or 14-35 on one end, and maybe the 50-200 on the other. Also nice as a supplement to any of the kit lens sets, where it gives you faster glass, and the overlap covers situations where you would be switching too often if this was the range you really needed.
75-225 f3.5-4.5 - A Zuiko answer to the 70-300 consumer zooms available on other platforms. For those who need more reach than the 50-200, but not so much the fast glass, or weight, at a more affordable price. Also might pair nicely with the new 12-60, or with my suggestion above.
14-100 f3.5-5.6 - Not a lens I really want so much, but a matter of keeping up with the Nikonians. Some people do like those new 7x and more zooms. And, they do have the 18-180, with the design borrowed from Sigma, but, especially as the E-400 will be attractive as a lightweight travel camera, it would be nice if they had one of these travel zooms from Zuiko with the focal length actually tailored to the 4/3s format. Give it real Zuiko quality and it will sell for twice as much as the Sigma 18-125.If they really want to be cool they could instead make it a 12-96 8x zoom.

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