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Hello everyone,
First off I want to let everyone know that ive been reading this forum for about a month and have been loving it. Every poster is so helpful and non judgmental.
I've been looking for an inexpensive macro lens for my e-500. I got the OM-4/3 converter that came with an old tele lens I got for $20. I also found an old pentax slr my dad left with a mint 50mm 1:1.7! I dont know if its nice or not (the camera is seized and i cant look in the viewfinder). Anybody know of any OM macros or pentax Kmacros? Any luck with pentax K's on the e500?
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There are tons of them. Pretty much every major brand had an excellent 50 or 55mm macro, and an excellent 90, 100, or 105mm macro, and just about any of these can be mounted onto the Olympus DSLRs with the proper adapter

The best deal depends on whether you'd prefer one of the 50/55mm versions or one of the 90/105mm versions, and how badly you need it.

For example, I was just at a used camera fair today and one of the dealers had a mint condition Kiron 105mm f2.8 Macro in Olympus OM-mount, which was a superb lens in it's day. If I didn't already own the equally superb Tamron 90mm f2.5 SP Macro, I would have scooped that Kiron lens up in a heartbeat.
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Have you thought of a reverse lens adapter. Your 50mm lens could be mounted in reverse. Manual focussing only but it works surprisingly well. Look here:


for info on Canon but a google search should find others.
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I don't believe that a reverse adapter exists for the Olympus 4/3 mount. Considering that one would need to buy TWO adapters (one of the other mounts, plus the reverse adapter for that mount) and kludge them together to do this, the original poster would probably be better off just getting an inexpensive 55mm Macro lens (for example, the old Micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5).

The macro results will be better than using a 50mm f1.7 mounted in reverse.
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