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kenbalbari Mar 9, 2007 1:55 PM

This one has alot of interesting details on the new cameras, and future plans:


How different is the auto focus system?
It is very advanced. From my own experiences, It is able to track very nicely, unlike my E-1. Still 3 points. But the focus lock indicator has been moved to the screen. Which is a HUGE!!!!! improvement in my opinion.

What is the HIGH ISO like?
Ok, Oly had no comment except its better. however, images leaked to me, which I will not post, and I must say that the jpeg's are wonderful. I only saw up to ISO 1250, but that looks a little better than ISO 800 off my E-1.
They claim because of the new technology, that the noise out of the 10 MP camera, is 1 stop cleaner than out of the 5 MP E-1. (In addition there is a higher Dynamic Range)
With the in camera noise reduction the jpeg's are better than 1 stop improvement in noise in my opinion. I would say that the biggest disapointment with high noise images in the E-400 was the blacks. These blacks look great at 1250, as well as the other colors in the images.

What about primes?
I asked this question, and was told, they have spent there time developing a full 3 tier zoom range. Now that is complete, and they will bring out many primes. I ask about a pancake lens, and he said yes they are working on it. I asked about when, and suggested 08, and they seemed to said probably.

Olympus has 3 classifications of lenses, consumer, mid range and pro, what about bodies?
They see this as Pro bodies are single digit(E-9), consumer as 3 digit (E-600), and at some point they will release a mid level body 2 digit (E-30)
(the E-9, 600, and 30 do not refer to any real camera, they are just examples)
When will we see a mid level body? Who knows.

What about live view?
the new cameras, have live view A & B all in 1. The mirror picks up and all the auto focus comes from the sensor. you can also zoom in and manually focus just like on the E-330. It is both modes in 1. (And btw, it works great!! I really liked the setup)

Rriley Mar 9, 2007 2:05 PM

ok Ken, item by item
you take something away from a focusing machine and the focus shifts
you can be more certain of this fi you look for those sites that remove IR filtering
they replace whatever they take out with quality glass, to prevent focus shift

if you look at the photo of E-410/510 in the PMA news thread, the AA filter is that banded/laminated blue green glass infront of the sensor. A very rough calculation comparing the lens register, and the filter size 58mm, I determined it to be around 4mm. It does look a tiny bit thinner on 410, but its a long ways from zero.

5% is is just the number of images affected by moire, its not like its the whole image, but it is a number i picked up at LUF from the learned fellows there. NOT to say that the number is right. It is a phenomena we are not in control of, depends on what you shoot. I guess could be fixed with a soften brush, which is pretty well what AA does.


Rriley Mar 9, 2007 2:15 PM

on the blog ~
its clear they are talking about E-410/510
the AF stuff FWIW is 3 point for those
the E-P1 is still 12-14 , having not heard anything to the contrary

which also means
Greg listen up
the noise has improved 1 stop
that pretty well parallels the L1 experience i think
with the new image engine, maybe a tad better
in Gregs hands, certainly iso1600 useable

the SWD AF using Canon type motors is good news
4/3 having less focal range will AF faster given that
that puts SWD in #1 spot for AF speed


Newsphotog80 Mar 9, 2007 3:09 PM

Hay guys,
First I need to apologies for my stupid remarks Sunday. I just flew back on a Trans Atlantic flight and just had two beers when I saw the premature release of the photos and press reports on the Evolt E510 and Evolt E410.
I am not drinking today so I am a little saner.
HarjTT, Riley:
The latest photos of the E1-P may be what will be released as the Flag Ship Pro Camera. The word I am hearing right now is that it will most likely be called the E2.
Olympus has officially stated that there will be a fourth DSLR, a Semi Pro Camera at around December Time and the word on that camera is that it mite be called the E30.
The naming monikers on Olympus DSRL's will most likely be E-XXX for Amateur and Advanced Amateur DSLR's. E-XX for DSLR's for Pro and Semi Pro Cameras. And E-X for the Pro and Flag Ship Cameras.
Everything I have said have been from very reliable sources.
Take care

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