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korto Jan 7, 2005 11:22 AM

I have oportunity to use both cameras, but have to make a decision to get one...

Here is what I found so far, and would appreciate other Olympus owners opinions and experience about the following.

Olympus produces sharper images than Canon 20D. More of the subject is detailed and perfectly in focus. Also images have life-like and natural appearance.

Colors do seem more natural and defined on Olympus E-1...

Overall... Olympus E-1 images simply jump off the screen and have more 3D effect.

Images from Canon 20D do not exibit this and appear soft.

I used built in flash on Canon 20D, and FL-20 on Olympus... Is it possible that the flash made all the difference?

Paul(UK) Jan 8, 2005 12:51 PM

Did you use RAW or JPG?

I have the 20D and my father has the E-1. My images do look flat compared to his, but if I tweek the settings on the raw converter it makes them look as good.

korto Jan 9, 2005 2:06 AM

I have another day to decide... I am starting to like 20D for detail levels, but still trying to figure out why it blows highlight details away often. Also, I am using JPEG on both cameras for now... For now Olympus has edge in highlight details and AWB.

Canon 20D is superior for image details, resolution and focusing/framerate speed...but feels less solid.

imagin Feb 16, 2005 12:05 PM

Having owned Nikon, Canon, Leica R from the world of film format, I was searcing for a digital camera that approached the delineation of color and ability to produce pastels and skin tones the way only Leica could. Nikon was good and Canon was flat. Both were not in the league of Leica. I have come to believe that the purity of glass is the critical determinant and with Leica the price you pay is for that last 20% of purity that delivers the "open window" I also owned an Olympus Stylus 35mm point and shoot and was always amazed at how close the color image quality was to my Leica. It was therefore no surprise that in evaluating the whole world of digital I have found that Olympus is producidng the best purity and subtleness of color and matched with good electronics. (Leica still suffers in the body and electronics area). I am not talking sharpness or boldness or vividness. I am talking about the ability to create the subtle shadings between the basic colors. This has been reinforced by my dealer an another photographer. Canon probably has the best electronics and weaker glass, Nikon probably does their overall good work, Leica overcomes their bodies and electronics with awesome glass. and Olympus produces awesome glass and good electronics and bodies. I have to have "that" color capability and won't compromise on it ever since I was injected with a Leica. So Olympus wins me.

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