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As tempting as the two lens kit is from Olympus, I'm leaning more towards their faster / brighter lenses. I'm looking at the Olympus EVOLT E-300 (body only) with the following Zuiko lenses:

Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm F2.8-3.5

Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm F2.8-3.5

Has anyone tried these lenses on E-300? Is the extra money for these lenses (compared to the Zuiko 14-45mm and Zuiko 40-150mm) worth it?

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Old May 11, 2005, 10:34 AM   #2
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Those lenses are better and faster than double lens kit. But if you buy EZ 14-54 + ED 50-200, I suggest you to buy E-1 instead of E-300.

E-300 is not weatherproof body, but E-1 is weatherproof body. Both EZ 14-54 and ED 50-200 are weatherproof lenses and I think it should be attached to a weatherproof body too.
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I have the E-300 with 14-54, 50mm macro, and a Sigma 55-200. The Oly 14-54 is excellent, needless to say, and better than the 14-45 for several reasons:
1. Better edge-to-edge sharpness
2. An extra stop of brightness
3. A bit extra zoom length
4. Much shorter minimum focusing distance (it serves as a near-macro). The 14-45 is great as a kit lens, but if you can afford it, go with the better one.
As for the E-1, it's an excellent camera, but if you need the extra pixels for cropping, the E-300 is better. There are a few other things better on the E-300 as well such as lighted viewfinder focusing points, as well as smaller form factor, but they're minor. The sensor of the E-1 is better, with the exception of the missing 3M pixels. My overall assumption is that the lenses will stick around longer than the bodies, and since it's forecast that Oly is likely to release an updated E-1 pro body (E-3?) late this year, I personally chose the E-300 for its smaller size and lower cost. I feel it's an excellent camera for me.

I do want to get the 50-200 Zuiko when I can afford it, though! (The results I've seen from the 45-150 have been excellent, and probably better than the Sigma's since the latter gets quite soft at the 200 end).

For more information you might want to sign onto the more active E-series formums elsewhere like:

DP Review and
My Four Thirds

Good luck.

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