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Yes, in the linked post I refer to the spouse situation...that is, that I didn't have to worry about having to tell one.

This was a unique opportunity, financially,for me to nab a 7-14 myself or I would have probably been looking at the 8mm fisheye, too. I usually don't get a chance at something like this with good timing, but this one worked out. At the end of May I'm headed to Paris for 12 days and I really wanted to havethis lens in timefor that trip- now I have a couple of months to get used to "seeing" with it.
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Beach Camera seems to have the best deal on the net for the 7-14: $1549 + $30 shipping.

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I'm waiting to see what Oly does with the next update to Studio, it's supposed to have a defishing routine in it...will have to download some 8mm pictures after Oly releases the update and then I'll decide on the 8 or the 7-14. If they came out with a straight 8mm instead of a fisheye for the same price, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

If the defishing works the way they say and it doesn't take too much away from the wideness, I'd buy the fisheye...I may even like the effect once in a while. I just wish both was available today, rather than having to wait until March 7th for the Studio upgrade, and then wait until who knows when for the lens.

On a similar topic, someone gave me a link to a site that sells Russian 8mm fisheyes for Oly OM and they only cost ~$220...I'm a little concerned though about being able to manually focus them with the E-300, and they aren't full frame (some vignetting on OM, might be more with 4/3)...if you want to check them out the link is http://eastwave.ca/products/lenses/pelol.html

Norm in Fujino wrote:
Pictures like that really destroy my resistance, Greg. I really want the 7-14; I've shot a few with the 8mm fisheye, but the distortion is a little too harsh for my tastes. The 7-14 seems to be just the ticket to fill out my corral--except for the price! (How can I keep it secret from my significant other??!)
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Yes, I have the program PTLens setup as a Photoshop plugin that I use to "defish" my images. I used it for a while withpictures I took with a Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye. It worked very well.

Just for kicks I've used it to see what it does to images from the 7-14 as there is a profile for that lens used on an E-1. There's very, very little that changes, I guess due to the corrections already built into the lens- maybe somein the very lower corners and that's it. After running it I'llclick the "undo" and "redo" buttons fastto try and detect any changes and it's virtually nil. I'm sure they'll do an update to add the 8mmlens once it's available for testing.
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