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I have had my E-300 for 5 weeks now and so far I like it. It seems like there are not very many E-300 users/groups on the net. Anyone know of a group to get tips?
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Well, it is a normal SLR like most others, except that the look is very modern and it cleans the sensor every time it starts up. In other words: read any book/article on SLRs and "darkroom" techniques or join any photo club if you want to learn more.

You will probably want to know more abut

1) light metering, search Google and read stuff such as http://www.tribalcog.com/learn/exposure.shtml and http://www.digitalsecrets.net/Sony/AdvancedKnow.html

2) the histogram http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tu...stograms.shtml and http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tu...se-right.shtml

3) composition http://ronbigelow.com/articles/adv_comp/adv_comp.htm and http://photoinf.com/

4) General (though not necessarily e-300) http://olympusdigitalschool.com/phot...ons/index.html

5) Olympus camera specific http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/oly-e/

6) If you want a home studio see 4) above and this site http://www.photoflexlightingschool.com/index.html

7) if you MUST watch only photos made with an Olympus http://myolympus.org/ and http://www.myfourthirds.com/


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It seems like there are not very many E-300 users/groups on the net. Anyone know of a group to get tips?
You're kidding, right? Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and where it says, "Find A Group" type in things like E-300, EVOLT, FOURTHIRDS, etc. There are at least four E-300 specific groups there.

As for users, on Pbase there are almost 500 E-300 users there, http://www.pbase.com/cameras/olympus

As for tips, here is a good starting point to ask for questions...as for general usage of the camera you can get a lot of advice from the library in general photography books, it doesn't have to be books on digital as most of the info about film cameras apply to digital cameras.

Just so you know I've been an E-300 user for ten months.

And I second the http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/oly-e/index.html listed above...even now I still visit it a few times a month for info.
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