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Hi,i've just bought e300,and cf II card.Now i have a problem.When i want to see my pictures,something wrong.When i turn off my camera,the picture is gone.The camera says "no picture".And after three pictures,my fist is gone with "picture error".And one more thing, when i want to erase picture,using erase button,all my picture will be erased.Please help me,i don't know what to do.

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Take the camera and card back to the store and tell them about the problem...ask to try another card (not necessarily the same brand)...that way you can tell if it's the card or the camera.

If you didn't buy the camera from a store, you'll have to buy another card (just get a small capacity inexpensive one) and try it in the camera...then deal with the purchaser (unless it was as-is).
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Just to get this question out of the way, when you take a picture it does take a short time for the file to be written to the card by the camera. You are not turning your camera off the second after taking the picture are you? If you turn the camera off before the image is completely written to the card, I could see getting an error message or no image being on the card at all.

I have no explanation for the issue with the eraser button, as it does not give you an option to arase any more than one image at a time.
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The FAT (File Allocation Table) may be corrupted.

This can happen for a variety of reasons (interrupting a write that's in progress, deleting files using your computer without flushing cache buffers by using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in your System Tray or making sure the driver is setup for Fast Removal, trying to use a camera with a battery that's too low and more).

Use the camera's menu choice for Format (you'll find a format choice under the Card Setup menu) and Format your card. I *always* format a card prior to every use via a camera's menu choice for format, and I always have, with all digital cameras I've owned. This insures that I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, exactly the way the camera expects it (since it's formatting the card).

After formatting it, make sure it works OK. If not, you've got another problem (for example, a bad card, an incompatible card, a bad battery).

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i agree with jimc that the card may be corrupt. that happened to a friends point and shoot and he was ready to buy a new camera. stunned when i fixed it in 1 minute.

also you need to format card with the camera, at least that is what the manual says. was that done when you first got the card?
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