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I was doing some tabletop photo work today (kept inside by oppressive heat outdoors). When I was transferring the pictures to my computer, I noticed that I had just passed the 1000th picture mark! I have had my E-500 for slightly less than two months and this is, by far, the fastest I've ever got to 1000 exposures on a camera. Took me over a year to reach that mark on my previous camera.

I went through the pictures and found the photo holding the distinction of being number 1000. It is this picture of a model of Dr.Smith and the Robot from the old TV series Lost in Space. As a big Lost In Space fan, I'm pleased that thisitem would have the honor. It's a simple plastic kit about 8.5" tall. Lens used was the 50mm F2 macro:

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Brent do you post your pics anywhere with EXIF info?
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SD, when I downsize the pics for posting, the EXIF seems to partially unreadable by some programs. Let me state right off the the bat that I do NOT have the technical knowledge to explain WHY that happens.

When I alter a picture (downsize, crop, significant PP), I save the altered version as a separate file. I like to keep the "originals" untouched. Different programs seem unable to read some info on the downsized versions. However, I can retrieve the info when I read the original.

For example, I just checked the picture posted here. It was shot at ISO 200, 1/10 sec exposure, F11, sharpness -2, "Natural" color saturation. I very slighty tweaked up the contrast and sharpness before posting it here.

Since getting the E-500, I have only recently started to learns the ins-and-outs of EXIF, post processing and the digital darkroom (never bothered much with my old digital cameras). So I'm still a bit vague on preserving EXIF info on the downsized pictures. Part of the problems may be that I use the Microsoft Picture it! software for cropping and downsizing. I know that sounds very "low end" but the program is a good basic viewer and it's very handle for the simple functions of cropping and resizing.

BTW, this particular picture was shot using OTT Light fluorescents. I know that OTT lights don't advertise their lights for photography and they are somewhat controversial for that application. But I find them very effective in table top setting where you have a small working area and you are working in close. The flat illuminiation won't throw harsh shadows and the color reproduction is very good.
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