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I have been toying with my new e-500. As this is my first dSLR, I am curious about the 40-150 lens. At 150mm, must a tripod be used? What kind of shutter speed do I need for good hand-held shots?

Are there any ideas about a 4/3 lens coming out with IS? If there is, will it be in a telephoto? Will IS help with, say, a walkabout lens such as the 14-54mm?

Thanks for all of your patience.
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Tripod? Well, some people say one always should use a tripod as your pictures will be much sharper. Personally I hardly ever do: I don't carry heavy things around if i can avoid it.

It also depends on how steady your hand is. I have found that I can hold the e-300 more steady than I could with my OM cameras.

Check your photos. If they look a bit soft, you should use a tripod. Alternatively, learn how to use a monopod.

Or if you are energetic: try bringing a tripod and take the same picture with and without and compare. And please let us know.

The good old rule is: use a speed of 1 / x for focal length x. [Some say 1/(2*x)]

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The above rule is for 35mm cameras! I forgot that the focal length should be multiplied by two for the e-cameras: so use a speed of 1 / (2*x) for focal length x.

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To simply the formula, for the E-system double the focal length and that's the slowest shutter speed you should use. For instance at 150mm it's converted to 300mm so you should use 1/300 or faster for handheld.

As for IS lenses, you'll have to look to Panasonic and their Leica branded lenses...but expect to pay a lot more for the IS feature. $2000 is the amount that's being tossed around for the new Panasonic L1 with 14-50mm IS lens...compare that with the price of your E-500 dual lens kit.
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There is also a seperate thread on the Zukio 40-150mm lens with photo samples. You might want to take a look at that thread.

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The 40-150 is a nice lens. It won't do low light very well. I ended up purchasing the 14-54 and 50-200 for low light conditions. The kit lens are my backup lens.
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