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A few questions:

(1) What noise reduction software do you use? I tried Neat Image (DEMO), it seemed pretty good, but looked like it reduced some detail (for example, grass in a sports shot). I like to shoot sports sometimes.

(2)What about image display on Internet? I've been using Kodak EasyShare. Is Phanfare or something else the way to go? Any suggestions?
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Noise reduction is a continuous decision making process of whether you want lessnoiseormore detail- I don't know that there is a noise reduction program that doesn't to some extent lower image detail. Neat Image is a cool program that's hard to reallyappreciate in the demo as many features are crippled. I own it, but I've not really applied myself to it's implementation to best effect. You have several options with it, includingno sharpening to some or littlesharpening. You can build your own sets of perameters to apply depending on the situation. I have it installed as a plug-in with Photoshop. I can be working on an image, call it up and apply it at any point & then continue to work afterwards in Photoshop. I've seen enough really good images created by some to know the abilities of the program exceed my knowledge of it.

Displying on the internet- do you just want to put up reduced size images for others to view, or full-sized images to buy yourself and maybe sell to others? Do you want to go through a service like I do at Smugmugor create a website from the ground up? There aremany options and just asmany different price plans as I found out as I searched for what I wanted, which was a site where, in addition to just being able to display images,I could sell my images and set my own prices. Watch out for some services- Once you set yourself up and start downloading images, if you don't buy something from them within a certain period of time all your images can be deleted. I pay Smugmug an annual fee to keep my siteup indefinitely whether I bought any imagesor not. I consider it an investment instead of buying a terabyte-sized drive as the space is unlimited and I can sell my photos, set my own prices, and if I ever get around to learnig HTML I can customise my site- there are some who have their pagesso customized you'd never know they used Smugmug.
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