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maroon141 Jul 31, 2006 8:48 PM

Last fall I got an Olympus C-7070 and for the applications I use it really well. We had some extra funds so we looked at getting some more and was disappointed to find out that the 7070's and 8080's have been discontinued for some time. I decided to go with the E-500 after talking with the dealer.

Today, things started getting hazy with someone not experienced with cameras, asking why we decided to buy the E-500. The cameras are used for work.

I think the E-500 is a really nice camera. What is currently out there that would be compared to the 8080 or 7070? I am needing to justify this purchase (4 of the E-500's). I think we got the most bang for our buck.

Apart from the standard, AF Program shooting, we also have 2 My Modes set for 27 and 55 mm for very specific shooting using manual focus.

Thanks in advance!!


bilzmale Aug 2, 2006 9:37 AM

Jeff you have picked a good camera and very good 'bang for buck' but regular users may find results 'out of the camera' are not 'as good' as the C series.

DSLR's by design use minimal processing of the image (eg sharpness, saturation, contrast) compared to a point and shoot. If your target users do not have access to post processing they may consider the c7070 was 'better'.

That said the E500 on Auto and vivid photos gives pleasing results for a lot of folk.


Rriley Aug 30, 2006 1:59 PM

really the C7070 isnt in the same bunch, the lens is ok at wide angle but quite disapointing in tele. Where the 8080 was rather a better job. Also the C7070 is menu fidly, while u can select manual mode, changing settings is hardly simplicity, I often forget where I am in the dam menus and I find it interupts creativity.

Then to add filters such as a polariser you need a tube mount but at least the filters are economic at 52mm. If you add a wide lens converter it leaves an ugly shaddow unless you get a hot shoe mounted flash because the flash is just too close to the lens.

What compares, nothing I know of really, for its quite compact and robustly built with its solid metal chassis, upgrades are made more economic because extra batteries (BLM1) can be used in newer Oly rigs, they take xD and CF cards, just about the only flash that woks in TTL is Olympus, and remote triggers are common across the range.

What you cant do with it that you can on a DSLR is keep your beloved lenses, and in the end thats the important side of in my view.

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