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Looks like you are now seeing why I'm just not interested in dumping a lot of money todayon a prime lens, even for the added speed. Add the 50-200 and a camera body with built-in image stabilization and you've got a pretty darn powerful setup....so far all that's missing is that image stabilization piece......but it's coming...
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Certainly the improvement in IQ is more than a joy that I wont hide, I am quite surprised its as good as this, I was really just chasing the wide view for interiors.
IQ is why I bought an LC-1 some time ago as well.

But the thing about the E-300 is the files are more robust, and can take the PP much better. I guess its about time to look at RAW and workflow more, but I think I will need significant hard drive space first.

Im also optimistic about the future of the system too, now that it seems we have one.


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RAW definitely sapps the drive space. I shot my first digital pictures in 2003 & was pretty much RAW 100% of the time by 2005. In 2005 my pictures took up 24 GB worth of hard drive spave. This past year it jumped to 48 GB. In addition to my laptop which I keep zero image files onI have 3 separate drives, one 120GB, one 200GB and one 250GB. Just bought the 250GB drive as a backup for the other two & probably have room on those for 2-3 years worth of files at the rate I'm going, but do I keep using those or at some point invest in a new drive and off-load everything ahead of the dreaded crash that's almost sure to happen after 3-5 years worth of use?? I guess not as long as I do my backups and keep loading the good images to Smugmug as an offsite fail-safe. It's never ending.
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Thanks for the reply Riley.

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Just a sidebar here Riley.

I was watching a TV show the other night about a National Geographic Tog working a Rodeo.

He was shooting a wild horse race, where they have horses and people everywhere, using a wide angle lens. For safetys sake he had a friend holding onto the back of his jacket. He was so close to the action that when the horses started kicking out his buddy would have to drag him away. What he was seeing through the lens made things seem a safe distance.

That 11-22 of yours made me think of it....as well as made me think of getting one.

Oh Yeh, I do like those test shots of yours...

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