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Default 12-60 weird after a few months

hello everyone.

with the help of the good people of this forum, I bought an e520 and a 12-60 last december, switching from nikon to olympus after... well, a few years. I've been pleasantly surprised, even with high expectations, and perfectly satisfied with it so far. a couple of weeks ago, though, the 12-60 started making a weird noise when autofocusing - a sharp, really high pitch sound, like two pieces of glass frictioning against each other. not loud, but perceptible. yesterday I noticed the focus was off in a few pictures I was sure where I had focused, so I decided to do some test shots and be sure. because I'm in brazil and it was bought in the US, I'll probably have to ship it back there to have it repaired or replaced, so I thought I'd ask you guys to take a look at these test shots and give me your opinions... just to be sure.

here's a sample (100% crops from extreme corners, sides and center), and the gallery is at http://lemieszek.smugmug.com/gallery...41002252_xrpjK . I used AF (AF'ed 3 or 4 times before taking each shot), JPGs are straight from camera. I was surprised that a couple of bf/ff charts actually turned out pretty sharp where it should, but the tile shots are consistently out of focus all around, the only hint of focus being on the right hand side where you can see the side wall...

the lens hasn't suffered any impact worth mentioning. of course I haven't had it in sight 24/7, so someone in my house could have touched it some time... though I highly doubt it.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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I would not even hesitate. It's under warranty, so send it back if it's making any kind of weird noises as something is wrong and nothing is going to get better without it being taken care of.

Did you buy the E520 with any of the kit lenses? They are a great backup set to have in a case like this. I rarely use my 14-42 Zuiko, but the times I have it's surprisingly sharp.
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thanks, greg.

to my surprise, not only does olympus brazil cover the warranty from olympus gear bought worldwide, but they already gave me an authorization number that I'll give at the post office and they'll have it shipped to the shop and back to me, all paid for. I don't even have to fill out the addresses, it's all done. congratulations olympus worldwide
a while back I had a sony p&s bought in the US and they wouldn't even cover the warranty here in brazil.

as far as documentation goes, I probably need the warranty certificate along with the receipt, right? I got a receipt by e-mail and the warranty certificate wasn't stamped by the seller. would that be a problem, from your experience?

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I just saw you post. Glad to hear the Olympus, Brazil is going to cover the lens under warranty. That should shorten the repair process considerably. Good luck and do post what the solution to the problem was.

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