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Default 14-54mm vs 12-60mm

vs. OLYMPUS 12-60MM E F2.8-4 SWD LENS

Obviously, the focal lengths are different. However, they are both 2.8 lenses which is what has me interested in these.

I would rather have the 12-60mm just to have more versatility (ie. wide angle and zoom), but price range, the 14-54mm might be more in my ballpark.
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I own the 14-54, and I have always thought it was a nice lens. The contrast and color are great, is sharp wide open, but a bit better at when stopped down slightly.

I doubt you will notice the 6mm at the long end, but you can bet you will see a huge difference with the 2mm on the wide end. It seem universal that those with the 12-60 like them, the only real penalty is the weight difference.

I have the 11-22 to compliment the 14-54. If I didn't have the 11-22, I'd have chosen the 12-60 in a heartbeat.

Bottom line is both are very good lenses. The 12-60 is newer, SWD, and more range. The 14-54 is a a bit brighter across its range (just a bit), lighter, still quite quick in AF, and less expensive.

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I don't know if you're comparing the 14-54mm ED version 1 or the 14-54mm ED version 2 against the 12-60mm SWD. I had the version 1 lens and recently replaced it with the 12-60mm

My experience using the lenses with the E-30 is:

the 12-60mm is quicker to focus, quieter, delivers a sharper image and provides surprisingly good macro performance. As Greg has already mentioned, even though there is only a 2mm difference on the wide end, you definitely will notice and appreciate the difference.

Is the 12-60mm lens worth the difference in cost? That's a question only you can answer since as it all depends on the type of photgraphy you concentrate on and the amount of discretionary funds available and the 14-54mm lenns is no slouch. It performs quite nicely.

For me, It was as easy decision as I tend to do a lot of low light landscape/waterscape shots along with shooting flowers and people. In my mind, the extra money used to buy the 12-60mm lens was well invested.

Just my 02cents
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I have the 12-60mm and find it a wonderful allrounder I do some wedding photography to help pay for this stuff and I also Enjoy it to. If you look at some of my pics most are taken with the 12-60mm even the close up ones of the rings and detail stuff.


I use E3, E330, 12-60mm swd, 50-200mm swd, fl50 & fl50R.

this combination from 12-400mm with just two lenses means I just have 2 cameras round my neck and have an instant range from 12-400mm
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I thought I'd put in my two cents worth as I own both the 14-54 (first version) and the 12-60mm. Somewhere on the depths of my backup drive I have comparison shots I took with both lenses, done in manual (so same settings for exposure and as close as I could get them in regard to focal length), and without a doubt the 12-60mm was noticeably sharper. Not that the 14-54 was any slouch and perhaps the new version is better, but I second the notion that the 12-60 has a great close-up range, very fast focus (I use it on my E-3), very well built, and the zoom range it offers is indeed a little larger that can make that tiny bit of difference.

Although not downsides for me, it is a larger and heavier lens. Cost wasn't a huge issue for me, but as many have already said and you already know, it is more expensive.

If you want nothing but a cold opinion, I would personally recommend the 12-60, but bottom line, see if you can try each out at a camera store to get a good feel for them.
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