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Default 1995 ... "The state of film ... "

I've been a regular reader of Thom Hogan's Nikon blog for a number of years and I came across this little snippet today regards digital in the early years and the state of film back in 1995:


"Let me remind you of something: in 1995 most of us were maxed out at ISO 800, and even that looked like dog excrement most of the time. Our film didn't stay flat, it got scratched by random things (including bad processing), diffraction was a real and dreaded acuity robber, chromatic aberration was permanent, and we had virtually no control over post processing unless we also had a darkroom that we kept up to snuff (which meant water at perfect temperatures and distilled, to boot). Yeah, things were that bad. Yet we still shot great images and sold photographs to publications, and those publications looked darned good most of the time. "
"Things are a little different in the digital world, but not a lot. As I've written before, it probably pays to upgrade your camera every two generations or so. Less than that and the gains are minimal: you'd be better off spending the time, money, and energy on improving your skills. (To those that say "but my competitor now has a SliceDiceMultiMegaPixel camera I need to compete with I say this: if you're selling your camera to your clients, you're not a very good photographer. You should be selling your photos to your clients. Yes, I know some clients say they want more pixels or absolute state-of-the-art. But you know what? They don't reject a McNalley image shot on a D3 or a Krist image shot with a D90. Why? Because they're insanely great images, you dolt!)"

Always a great read and if you didn't know Thom aslo shoots with m43's as well...
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Obviously Thom has not shot with a SliceDiceMultiMegaPixel camera that's been upgraded to Firmware Version 3.07B.

It takes photos that almost everyone loves, thanks to it's new PerfectMatch processing engine that performs sophisticated analysis on every shot to determine the best processing to use for your target audience (with 17 memory locations for viewer profile customization), even replacing subjects with more interesting ones when appropriate, depending on your "PhotoTruth" setting preferences (TrueToActual, CloseToActual, SortOfLikeActual, WhoCaresIfItsFaked).
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