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HarjTT Aug 27, 2006 3:13 PM

I managed to extend my usual weekly 1hour shoot to 2 hours today - I didn't have much choice as I'd hurt my leg the other night:mad: ! As the weather was pretty decent today I ventured down to Canary Wharf to see how well the E1 would do. As always shot in full manual mode, ISO100, SHQ Jpeg,just some minor USM (80% at 0.5) and minor brightness/contrast. Shot as is and no cropping and I think I found the sweet spot for the 14-45.I need to work on the different metering modes and using the focus lock.

Here's a few of the pics from the day:

Converted to B&W

Converted to B&W.

You can see the rest of today pics and also during the week here:

Today I found myself going for the E1 nearly all the time and then just working with the 14-45's zoom rather than going for the FZ10. There were shots that didn;t come out too well esp when shooting into the sun - not sure if the lens hood is deep enough for the 14-45 as I got quiet a few shots with some flaring and other odd artifacts. I also shoudl have taken my flash with me for those shots too. I'm going to try some night shots may be tomorrow - and I think Canary Wharf will be the venue again.




mtclimber Aug 28, 2006 1:10 AM

Nicely done Harjj-

Thanks forsome dceidedly better E-1 photos. They look great,and border on somewhat inspirational photos, at least for me.It makes me want to pull out my long stored, E-1, and have some fun, thanks for getting the juices flowing again.


HarjTT Aug 28, 2006 7:09 AM


Thanks for the compliments on the shots. I'm pretty happy with the ones I took yesterday - the first set that look as good and better than my FZ10 shots. What I'm really enjoying with the E1 is the way it feels in the hand, IQ seems to be spot on and I'm know wondering how much better the files would be with the 14-54mm. What I do miss from the FZ10 is having the option of a live histogram in the viewfinder and also having IS but I can live without it for now.

Bye the way, MT I think Oregon and the Pacific NW is probably the best part of the US to live in - you have everything within an easy reach the mountain ranges, the gourges, the coast, deserts and possibly the best city in the US - Portland.




meanstreak Aug 28, 2006 7:53 AM

Nice job!!!! The camera look like it is terrific, but I think most of the credit should go to the photographer. I especially like the B&Ws. They are a little dark, but I like the effect... was that deliberate on your part? I guess you decided on the Olympus over the Panasonic. The IS must have been difficult to give up. I know it would be for me, but if I had to, I would make do.

HarjTT Aug 28, 2006 11:55 AM

Hi Mean

Thanks for the compliment - I do think the E1 is a terrific camera even at 5MP and being 2 years old. It's a 50-50 thing and at the moment where I'm no where near hitting my 50% and the camera's basically waiting for me to catch up. My first impressions on the E1 is that its even better than I thought it would be - ergonomics and build quality is superb, the OVF is crystal clear and for me 5MP is plenty enough as I hardly ever crop. My plan is to learn the E1 by keeping to a 14-54mm range and once I'm happy with that start to look at another a longer lens and hopefully by then the Panaleica OIS zoom's will be out.

Do I still want the L1 - sure and I may still get it if it doesn't come out with a crazy price, if not I'll save up to buy just the lens. I miss having IS but like you said I'm also willing to work around not having it for now. I got a real bargain in the E1, a pro level camera for 400 so I'm pretty content. At the 28-100mm range and wth a lens like the 14-54 I should be ok without IS but its at the longer focal ranges that I'll miss having OIS and thats why I'm thinking of holding off from a 40-150 or 50-200 zoom. I have read some people with the 50-200 state that they can shoot handheld and still get a tack sharp shot but I know I ain't one of those.

I've been testing how slow I can shoot hand held and still get a sharp image and I've managed 1/20s with the 14-45 so I think with a faster lens like the 14-54 at f2.8 and at higher ISO's I may be able to hold steady for a wee bit longer and be able to get around not having IS. With the FZ10 I've taken a few at 1/13s and to my suprise they've been tack sharp.




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