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Default 35 mm four-thirds lens repair??

Hi all--

I just bought a PEN E-PL1. With it, I got the kit lens, the four-thirds to m4/3 adapter, the Oly 40-150 f/3.5 (four-thirds), and a used Oly 35 mm 1:1 macro. I bought the macro lens for $50 on Amazon. The seller represented that the auto focus didn't work, but I thought for $50, I could certainly use manual. Well, I got the lens, got the adapter, and hooked them both up to the camera, and the lens went dark.

The adapter works, because it works perfectly with the 40-150. I was under the impression that just the AF would be broken, but now it seems that (all of) the electronics in the lens are shot.

Any thoughts about how I could get the lens fixed? And how much it might cost? Or how I might rig around the problem? If I hold the lens up to the adapter (without making electrical contacts) I can at least see a (blurry) image).

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Sounds like you got took....

The AF being broke meant more than likely so was manual focus since that lens does not have a mechanically-geared manual focus system. The only Zuikos that manually focus without electronic assist are the ones with the SWD motors.

There's no telling what the problem was/is, and the sorry part is, that 35mm macro lens is (relative to other high quality Zuikos) CHEAP brand new....currently $199 at B&H. There was no need in taking the chance on this one. I would not doubt the combined cost of what you paid plus the repair cost being close to, if not the same as or more than just buying a new copy of that lens.

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Thanks Greg. I should have asked here first. I didn't know about the mechanical focus issue (should have asked), but I'm a little disappointed that the guy didn't tell me that the lens would go dark when attached to a camera. Now I have to figure out what to do with it.

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did you put the epl-1 into manual focus? if so, I would just get a new one. It will be at least 100 dollars to fix i do not doubt, like greg said. It is a cheap lens price wise. So with shipping and everything. It may cost more to just get a new one or a working used one.
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