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Default 410-newbie issues (repost)

Sorry, posted this under the Olympus point and shoot section earlier...

I bought a 410 couple of years back but got around to using it only recently.
I have 2 issues with the camera:
-Sometimes when I shift from one mode to another (say, Auto to Aperture priority) the camera virtually freezes. It takes almost 2 -3 minutes before it allows me to start shooting

- I have been experimenting with Aperture priority. Most of the times my photos get recorded are either under exposed or overexposed. Is there a way I can correct this before clicking?

Thanks in anticipation.
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As far as your first issue is concerned, I've not heard that problem expressed by anyone here before and I've not experienced it myself. However, if you haven't already, you should check your battery and ensure that it's fully charged. If you have a low battery, the camera will stop functioning until such time as all the photos you took are written onto the memory card.

Also, if you immediately change the mode dial after taking a series of shots the same thing will occur..

As for your 2nd question on underexposed and overexposed images when using aperture mode:

1- a good quick lesson to review can be found on Olympus' site that explains how to use aperture mode:

2-You can also read the manual that came with the camera as there are many explanations on how best to use the various modes found on the mode dial.

3-The E-410 is also equipped with exposure bracketing, that is, you can set the camera to take a series of 3 shots with each having a different exposure compensation value. By doing so,, you can determine which is the best exposure compensation value to use in a particular setting.

4- You can also choose to shoot in auto mode where the camera determines the best settings for a particular shot, then download the photos onto your PC. You can then examine the EXIF data to see what settings were used by the camera to achieve that photo. That's actually a good way to learn.

5- if you can't find your manual, you can easily download one onto your pc from Olympus' website.

6- lastly, you can download the photos you're not happy with onto this post so that forum members can have a chance too examine them. It's hard to tell what is wrong without looking at the photos in question.

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