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Default 70-300mm + EC14 and EC20 results

I had an interesting thing happen to me today. I pulled out the 70-300mm ED lens and decided I would again try it using with a teleconverter. This is something I generally don't have much luck doing as most often the lens hunts incessantly and almost always ends up missing a shot. Simply because it took too long to get into focus. I hadn't yet tried it in Florida where the sun has been so much brighter than what I'm normally used to at home.
Anyways, the long and short of it is that I tried it with both the EC20 and the EC14 teleconverter full out. here are a couple of images taken today. The lens acted properly, focused well and did not hunt at all with either telecon. I was amazed. My personal opinion is that the 70-300mm ED really works well
with the EC14 and provides better image quality than with the EC-20

E-30 + 70-300mm = EC14 telecon;

The next was taken with the E-30+ 70-300mm ED + EC20 telecon;


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Good ones Zig. I have the EC14 and so far can only use it on stationary subjects. I took it out to try BIFs but as you mentioned it spent all it's time trying to focus and lock on. It works fine with the 70 300 on non moving objects as long as there is enough light. I can't even imagine trying to shoot with the EC20 and the 70 300 in my area, way to overcast most of the time.
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Zig: #2 is a classic! Well done.

I don't own either EC converter, but I remember someone else saying that the EC-14 worked better than the EC-20 with the 70-300mm.
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I have seen some very nice images posted with the 70-300+EC14 over in the Olympus DSLR forum at DPReview. I've tried the 70-300 + EC20 and it's never worked well so I leave the EC20 for the 50-200 and 50mm f2.

420mm is a pretty good magnification, and looks good here, too.
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